History As Obama Casts Early Vote


U.S President Barack Obama has cast his vote in his home town of Illinois, Chicago  thirteen days ahead of the official voting date. this has added to President Obama’s growing list of firsts as he becomes the first U.S President to vote early. President Obama also joins an estimated 7.2 million Americans who already cast their votes.

Meanwhile Obama’s Republican  Presidential challenger Mitt Romney is in the swing state of Ohio, a state that could be decisive in the race for the Whit House.

ABC Poll Gives Romney Lead
A survey conducted  by Langer Research Associates for ABC reveals that when asked about which candidate would best handle the economy, 52% of the respondents trust Romney against Obama’s 43%, the first time a poll is giving a candidate the lead on matters concerning the economy.

Swing States
In the U.S, swing states are those in which no candidate or party commands overwhelming support. It is a state by state contest and these swing states include Ohio, Virginia and Florida. No Republican has won the U.S election without winning Ohio explaining why Romney is currently grounded in the state.

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