Hon. Ekanya Attempts To Undress, Hang Self In Parliament

Hon Ekanya Geoffrey, MP Tororo County

Drama ensued in parliament yesterday during the afternoon session when Tororo County Member of Parliament Hon Geoffrey Ekanya attempted to undress and commit suicide after learning that Tororo County had not been granted District status.

Hon Ekanya Geoffrey, MP Tororo County
Hon Ekanya Geoffrey, MP Tororo County

Ekanya took his irritation into action when he started undressing himself saying; “”Hon Speaker I feel like committing suicide on this floor because this matter is so serious.”

It took the intervention of Kitgum Woman MP Beatrice Anywar and Budadili West MP Nandala Mafabi to calm Ekanya from undressing and strangling self. Ekanya had started removing his necktie.

To calm Ekanya, Mafabi led him outside parliament when he regained his consciousness.

Deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah who was presiding over the session cautioned Ekanya to go and play drama at the National Theatre, which is located few meters from the parliament.

“It is important to respect house, trying to undress yourself is taking it further. This is not a national theater,” Oulanyah said.

On returning to the floor of parliament, Ekanya apologized to the Deputy speaker and the house for failure to control his temper. “I apologize to you Deputy Speaker and house for losing myself, however this matter is important to me and my people.”

Minister Local Government, Hon Adolf Mwesige said the issue of Tororo’s request to get a district has been in parliament for a long time though he couldn’t promise to grant the county a district status.

“I cannot amend the motion for creation of districts right now, because of Tororo, I will need more time,” Mwesige said.

Government promised to grant Tororo district status about twenty years ago.

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