Soul of My Footprint with Support from ‘MAP International’ Receive Praises from Ugandan Government

Dr.W.Harold Mayweather , an anesthesiologist who led the American Medical Team with Ugandan Health Workers at the Hospital Constructed by TSOMF


As God tells us in Philippians 2:4 that, ‘’Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others’’, Medical Assistance Programs (MAP) International has truly responded to the call from the Lord by providing immediate humanitarian medical aid and relief aid including essential medicines and health care supplies to the poor communities and those without access to basic services.

As you read this, thousands of Residents from the vulnerable communities of Namiyagi, Wakisi Division near Jinja in Uganda have a reason to smile after MAP International partnered with The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) to save lives and develop healthier families and communities.

Dr.W.Harold Mayweather , an  American Physician  with other Health Workers at the Hospital Constructed by TSOMF

Alfie Jelks, the founder of the twenty one year old ‘The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF)’, hailed the generosity of MAP International for providing medicines and health supplies at relatively low expenses.

With a 65-year history of providing just the right medicines to medical missionaries, MAP International partnered with TSOMF to provide medicines and health supplies to save lives in the East African Country of Uganda.

According to the team ,each year MAP International donates life-changing, critically needed medicines and health supplies to treat millions of the world’s poorest communities in several countries.

‘’Many Mission hospitals and clinics all over the world lacked the medicines and supplies they needed to treat their patients. But with the support from MAP International we are restoring hope and rebuilding the health system’’, said Dr. Mayweather Harold.

A team of Americans at the Hospital constructed under TSOMF in Uganda with the Minister from the office of the Vice President

It should be noted that The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) through fundraising and its partners managed to set up a hospital at Namiyagi in Buikwe , Uganda which was commissioned September 22 2021 by a Ugandan Minister Diana Mutasingwa .

Although the  hospital has not been fully completed ,due to the high demand of better health services in the area residents camped at the facility to receive free treatment for several illnesses.

Flanked by a team of Ugandan medical workers, the  American Doctors spent days carrying out tests for COVID-19 ,malaria, typhoid, HIV and others. There was HIV Counseling and testing, eye check up and dental treatments and also treatment for skin diseases, as well as giving out free medicine to the patients. Ugandan Doctors also included Dr.Peter Wambi,Daniel Kirunda among others and the four days clinic handled  669 patients.

American Medical workers included Dr.Mayweather Arold, Brenda Wade,Dr Blad, Jewel Middleton, Katrina Peak and Crystal Alexander.

Ms Namusoke Roslyn, the head of The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) in says due to lack of some medical equipment and specialists to offer highly specialized medical care, many in hospitals in Uganda cannot manage all the cases received, however, with an opportunity of  combined Doctors and assorted better drugs from Map International, locals embrace the medical camps and overwhelm the team.

The conditions under which people from these areas live force them to sometimes consider health checkups and treatments a “privilege” yet it is actually a right especially to the children and women.

Children Lives have been saved because of the drugs from Map International

Findings in the latest Annual Health Accounts (NHA) study by the Health ministry indicate that on average, the government spends Shs3,000(USD 1) to provide health care services per citizen in a month.

Uganda’s doctor-to-patient ratio is estimated at 1:25,725, with a nurse to patient ratio of 1:11,000. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends one physician per 1,000 people.

In 2016, Uganda’s budget allocation for healthcare was about 8.8 per cent, but it dropped by three per cent in 2017.

Uganda’s health care system is still undeveloped despite the 2001 Abuja Declaration, where African Union countries met and pledged to set a target of allocating at least 15 per cent of their annual budget to improve the health sector.

Dr Diana Atwiine, the Ministry of health permanent secretary, says the little funds received are put to critical areas, and offer the minimum health package to the population.

Children Lives have been saved because of the drugs from Map International

Speaking on behalf of the Government during a separate interview, Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the Ministry of health senior public relation officer says; “First and foremost, medical camps and other partners supplement government programmes and we are grateful for the tremendous work they are doing to support our people.”

Given the above background, experts say organizations like MAP International has helped restore access to health care services to the poor people and saved millions of lives.

MAP International is a Christian organization providing medicines and health supplies to those in need around the world so they might experience life to the fullest.

The organization serves all people regardless of religion, gender, race, nationality or ethnic background.

The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) is a charity organization with the objectives of providing supplies of medicine, clothing, and basic care items for the people of Jinja, Uganda.

It also provides scholarships for academically shrewd high school seniors planning a major related to science, social services, education, theology, or non-profit work with origins of philanthropic means in order to further carry out the primary objectives of the organization.

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