How hate for men after rape attempt forced Viola, pal into lesbianism, exile

Viola has since been spotted in Canada

Had it not been a rape incident, maybe they could be in school or living a different life. But all this changed when some horny men attempted forceful sex on them.

This brought them closer as they shared their experiences, but now find themselves on the run. One has since been spotted in Canada while another is reported to be in Uganda but also living in hiding. They are residents of Katale Busawula in Wakiso District, Uganda.

We are talking about Nabiryo Viola Barbra, 20, who is on the run and she has been cited in Canada after being caught by her brother, Derrick Ssebyala, engaging in lesbian acts with a friend, Nayiga Sylvia, inside their house something that is an abomination and is criminal in Uganda.

Sources tell us Viola’s trouble started in December 2019 during her senior four vacation when a man attempted to rape her inside their family retail shop on a rainy day.

As fate would have it, a friend, Slyvia, showed up and the man ran away.

Incidentally, Slyvia had been also a rape victim when she was 15 years old at the hands of an uncle, Nsubuga Tanansi, who made her pregnant and later forced her into abortion.

The two would later become closer due to similar experiences and ended up falling in love with one thing in common: hate for men due to rape.

Sources reveal that the two managed to keep their new sex orientation and love affair a secret until one day when Viola’s Brother-Derrick who was pursuing Slyvia for a relationship nabbed them having sex.

The two were accused of causing untold shame to their families.

Slyvia’s father therefore reported the matter to the area Chairperson, and later filed a case of abating homosexuality in Uganda against Viola at Central Police Station (CPS), Kampala.

On learning that Slyvia’s father had reported a case and that police were hunting for her, and vows by locals and relatives to punish them, Viola fled into hiding until she was recently spotted in Canada and she is still on police’s wanted list.

It also remains to be seen whether she will ever step foot in Uganda. You can also be sure authorities will also have to grill her.

Slyvia’s whereabouts are also still unknown.

In Uganda homosexuality is illegal and many Ugandans don’t support that idea.

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