TACTICAL! How Mukula Successfully Delivered Museveni to Eastern for 2021 Victory

NRM Vice chairperson Capt. Mike Mukula and Party Chairman Yoweri Museveni

Those who read the Bible in James 3:17 that says; ‘But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere’, may well understand how God-gifted Capt. George Michael Mukula, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Vice-Chairperson Eastern Region.

Today we bring you details on how Mukula plausibly leveled ground for the NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni to fruitfully carryout and conclude his campaign trail in Eastern Uganda, where the latter also commissioned several.

Out of the 32 Districts in the Region, Museveni held Campaigns in only 12 where he met party delegates including flag bearers, in a measure to respect the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 SOPs.

Despite the recent NRM Controversial Primaries that hardheartedly polarized party members especially at Parliamentary levels, Museveni was boomingly welcomed in every Region not only because of the willingness from the supporters, but because of the prior mobilization by Mukula and his team.

‘’Whenever Mr .Museveni went to the region , he was very excited and visibly looked happy .For the first time ,there were no physical disagreements and Mukula was seen fully in charge’’, an analyst said.

Mukula , a former Member of Parliament and Minister who has vast experience in Politics ,would first lecture the delegates before inviting Kadaga and Museveni .Actually in Jinja at Dams Water Grounds,Museveni kept referring to Mukula’s initial address about Patriotism ,NRM Achievements and Ideology.

Bukedea Woman Member of Parliament Hon.Anita and NRM Vice Chairperson Eastern Region, Capt. Mike Mukula

‘’The President was very happy to have an entourage and leadership under Mukula who knew where Uganda came from and this is the reason why the big man kept referring to Mukula’s statements delivered to both Delegates and flag bearers’’, added a source.

The President Commissioned a Ferry at Namayingo, Markets in Busia, Soroti and Tororo among other developments as part of NRM achievements.

Mukula who commands a following given his knowledge in East Africa’s Regional affairs where he has worked in various capacity for the last 30 years, has been reminding the youth and entire population that in order to secure their future, they need a revolutionary leader and that is candidate Yoweri Museveni given his experience both in Politics, Security and building Ugandan Economy.

In Soroti, Mukula urged Ugandans to vote for President Museveni in the coming general election on grounds that he’s more competent than any of the other candidates challenging him for presidency.

In Busoga Particularly at Iganga , Jinja and Kmauli where Museveni held meetings in three clusters because of COVID-19 Guidelines Mukula Could spend most of speech teaching party members NRM Ideology and why their flag bearer should be voted back.

Before the President ended his speech, the Professional Flight Captain would be seen rushing to another venue where the Presidential candidate would meet Youths leaders and later flag bearers. Museveni would then get to the platform at the same meeting and reecho Mukula’s message.

Some Political observers, commenting about the NRM Presidential Campaign Trail, argue that Mukula generally prepared a smooth ground for his Presidential candidate Museveni, a thing another leader in the party would fail to do perfectly.

‘’Many Party members in NRM and supporters believe in Mukula as a knowledgeable politician who can uproot opposition, tactically he knows politics and we are not surprised that as the party Vice-Chairperson, his Candidate successfully traversed Eastern Uganda’’, added another election observer who preferred anonymity.

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At all meetings, Museveni was accompanied by Capt. Mike Mukula and NRM Deputy Secretary General, Richard Todwong.

Mukula, whose message that NRM is built on 4 principles that include Patriotism, Pan Africanism, Socio-economic transformation and Democracy, has been encouraging the NRM youth to internalize and explain to the people where the country has reached under Museveni stewardship in Uganda.

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