HUGE BOOST!Councilor Loyda donates 11 bulls to boost milk production in Mbarara

By Amos Tayebwa
Mbarara District is one of cattle corridor areas in Western Uganda that is growing fast.
 In a bid to improve milk production, on Thursday this week,  11 sub-counties including Town Councils  in Mbarara district received 11 bulls (75% Friesian) as donation by area leader Loyda Muhimbura Twinomujuni aka Gambanokora.
She is the district female Councilor representing Rubaya Sub-county.
These were picked and distributed from her farm in Rubaya to different sub-counties and Town Councils where each received one bull that was given to the host farmer as a caretaker of this bull that will serve other farmers within that particular sub-county or Town Council.
This has been done in the both Mbarara District constituencies-Kashari North and Kashari South. On Thursday, 6 bulls were distributed to six sub-couties and Town councils, these include Rubaya Sub-county, Bwizibwera-Rutooma Town Council, Bubare Sub-county, Bucuro Sub-county, Bucuro Town Council and Rwanyamagembe Town Council all in Kashari South.
On Friday, five bulls were distributed to Kashari Sub-county, Rubindi Sub-county, Rubindi Ruhumba Town Council, Kagongi Sub-county, and Nyabisirira Town Council.
 The donated bulls are estimated at shs7m each because of its breed but generously they were given on free costs to the people. These bulls are five months shy to start mating.
According to Loyda, the purpose of donating these bulls is to maintain dairy farming and add value addition  to the community she leads. That her manifesto is standing on promoting and developing farming, health services and other sectors in Rubaya and Mbarara district at large.
She said the bulls are not meant for an individual but for all farmers who would wish to change on the breed for the purposes of high milk production.
“I have decided to donate and distribute about 11 bulls of which 75% are Friesian to the people of Kashari North and Kashari South especially at  Sub-county and Town Council level. I thought about this because like development and I am sure that if people are doing farming very well they will develop their families and the district at large. So I decided to give them after calling some leaders at my home sometime back and taught them how to do farming something they liked  so much and  picked interest of having the same breed of my cows that give a lot of milk. This will also increase on value addition especially in future especially for those interested in making yoghurt,  cheese, butter and other milk products,” said Loyda.
“I also want to emphasise that the farmers must ensure that there is good management at their farms for their cows against getting diseases. First of all, when they are going to take their cows for mating or mounting at the farm where this serving bull will be, they are supposed to first take them for acaricides, they wash them, they spray them to ensure that all ticks are off, then they proceed and take them to the farm where the serving bull is. First of all I have vaccinated and dewormed these bulls before distribution,” she added.
Farmers/ caretakers of these bulls were encouraged to receive and allow other farmers to access their farms if there is need for the serving bull. These bulls were handed over to the Sub-county or town council leadership who also handed them over to the person chosen care taker.
According to Duncan Arinaitwe, a farmer from Bwizibwera-Rutoma Town Council and one of the farmers chosen by the Sub-county Leadership to be the caretaker of the serving  bull, said they have had a challenge of low milk production in the area. That its important that they have received a high breed Friesian bull that will help farmers produce quality breed of cows that will increase on milk production.
“I am very free to welcome each farm interested in this breed to bring their cows for mating unless they are health. They should Always communicate to me before bringing their cows for mating so that I first check them for any suspicion unhealthy conditions,” said Arinaitwe.

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