Hunky Vjoj leave Stockholm babes ‘yearning’

As the banter on social media goes, lately, Uganda’s music industry is gradually growing as many musicians headline concerts every year.

As ardent partygoers recovered from the effects of covid 19, another UK-based Ugandan Star and Film Director VjOj alias  Isaac Oj Nsereko graced Stockholm recently.

With much buzz around his show, it was rather unclear whether or not Vjoj would live up to his hype, like his fellow countrymen and women when in Stockholm.

Well, he lived up to the fan’s expectations. The singer put up a mega performance that made all his female fans go wild. As the singer went performing his songs, girls couldn’t hide their excitement at seeing the hunky Ugandan singer.

They would be pictured jumping on stage at least to get close to him. with some of their facial expressions, it was crystal clear that they fell in love with his music and great body.

VJoj didn’t disappoint them. He would create space and dance with them as much as they needed. Our sources in Sweden today tell us that it was simply a lovely nightmare for the girls. They loved his performance.
However, the hunky singer is already  back in London in heavy preparations for his next live performance with his full Band tt MissUganda UK on  5th November 2022

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