Hustle Avenue Vol.2 is Jay-P’s 3rd studio album and a 3 volume series of albums, the first being Orbis Unum In My Lifetime Vol.1 which was released last year.


Hustle Avenue is a 16 track album release by Recipe Records an entity founded by Jay-P.

The album highlights themes like fighting to make it out of poverty, torment, hardships, in a nut shell the unpleasant life in the midst of inevitable obstacles such as negative social attitudes, stereo types and bias .

The album highlights the toast, the boast , humility, assertiveness stroking sorrowful themes like death as Jay-P lost some friends who were influential to his music career but have not lived to see the progress.

Hustle Avenue is a typical gangster rap album embracing Mafioso vibe and themes keeping them in touch with reality in a justified manner.

Humor is frequent in the album where Jay-P show cases his intellect skillfully/tactfully  engaging word play to tell street styled stories, cracking jokes. Therefore not forgetting that when all is said and done, it is entertainment.

The album features works from over six local and international super producers such as Alexander, Cronic Beats, Team RnB Music, Max Million, XXL Beats, Palma De Nigris, DjDsign and more.

The album is anticipated to debut on the billboard charts in the first few weeks of release and projected to sell over 500,000 copies in the first few weeks of release.

The Album is available for free streaming on #hustleavenueplaylist and is scheduled to be released commercially to digital stores like Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and services like Shazam and more on 30th October.

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