HYENA Classic Tale #14 | Matchmaker: I’d have given you some today but my boss cannot allow me to leave

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Those days when I was still staying in Maganjo, there was a small popular bar that I used to rent almost every night. There was this bootylicious babe called Nalugabe who had been feeding on chicken thighs and beer on my account but refusing to part with her thighs.

Many guys have been telling me that she had put holes inside their pockets but I vowed to make her pay for whatever she had consumed. She was the kind who would give you a very passionate kiss and allow you to touch wherever you wish but when it came to releasing her fruits she would disappear in thin air. That did not scare me, because all the babes who have tried to detooth me have paid the hard way.

For about two weeks, she had been dodging me. Whenever I would demand to be paid for my services, she would either feign the moon or headache. Sometimes, she would tell me to wait for her in my room, but she would never show up. But with me, you either give me when I want or you never. So, one good Friday evening we met at the bar and I told her that I wanted her that very day or she should never talk to me.


Omanyi mukwano nandibadde nkuwako naye mukama wange tanzikiliza kuva wano nga bakasitoma tebanaba kugenda,” (sweetheart, I would have given you some today but my boss cannot allow me to leave before the customers have left) she said.

I spent two days without going to her bar, she felt concerned and sent one of the bar boys to come and check on me. You see, when mercy fails you have to improvise so I gave the guy UGX5,000 to lie to her that I was suffering from hysteria and was calling out her name. Nalugabe was at my theatre in no minute not knowing what was in store for her. She locked the door as soon as she came to my room and I bolted the door, and there we were just the two of us.

My whopper was more than happy to see her and it was already ticktocking, and ready to attack. I smiled widely and told her she was mine forever. “Hyena nkwegayiride tokikola munange nsibye,” (Hyena please don’t commit that sin I am fasting), she said. I was already charged and I could not let her go, at least not me- no one ever leaves my theatre untouched.

She held the bedpost but I outwitted her and carried her on my shoulder to the bed. “Hyena nkwagala naye ogenda kuntama kati lwaki oyagala kunzina nga nze sesimide” (Hyena I have been loving you but now I will hate you. Why do you want to bonk me against my will?), she said.

I told her to simplify things by putting herself in the mood and enjoy the game. “Kale ngenda kuwako naye kimanye nti onsobezako mbade sikiyina ku timetable yange,” (okay I will let you bonk me but know that you have raped me because I had not planned for it), she said. I removed her blouse exposing her ripe hard nipples and sucked them dry. She started the hmmm uuumm eeeiii oooh arrr. I stopped for a minute and admired her brown rather white face and black breasts.

Looking at this babes face, you would think she is a white woman but her legs are as black as charcoal. Her Kandahar was half shaven making an O shape. I pulled her long twinnies and tied them into a rope which I kept on pulling as she screamed in ecstasy. I went down there and licked her roughly.

I opened it widely using my tongue exposing her pink bean-like clit. All the time she was twisting and wiggling her flabby butt in all directions. I plunged my rod deep into her wide open Kandahar and told her to raise her legs for me to feel her wet pot better.

“Kulikayo sebbo enno ye dakku yange munange nsimye nyo era okuva lero gwe taata wabana bange” (welcome sir, from today you are the father of my kids), she said.

Whatever she meant, I did not care, all I wanted to know was where my chicken thighs and beers were going. I reached for my lifeguard studded condom, dressed my bulging whopper again and showed it to her for approval. Her Kandahar was already dripping juices; I looked down and realized they were making a trail on her legs.

I first inserted there my middle finger and told her to lick her juices and confirm to me if my beers were equally tasty. “Daddy nawe toyonona obudde nzina kuba mpulila nfa yanguwako omukwano gwo Nina mungi” (Daddy don’t waste time I have much love for you just bonk me am dying of passion), she said. When I asked her why she had been denying me access to her pot for so long, she just smiled and covered her face with a pillow.

Her legs were wide open at 1800 degrees; I slid my whopper, and then remembered I hadn’t treated her to the western jazz. I pulled it out and began jazzing her making slow circular motions, then drawing zig-zag lines using my whopper in her wet Kandahar.

“Hyena nkwegayilide gitekemu,” (Hyena, please enter me), she pleaded. I did not enter her I wanted to punish her for delaying to release her fruit. To punish her more, I went down on her and started licking her. “Rusajja gwe nawe nzina,” (you idiot screw me now), she screamed splashing salty water from her Kandahar into my mouth.

She pushed me away and started fingering herself. Watching her die with horn turned me on. My whopper hardened, I jumped on top of her and humped her missionary style.

After about two minutes, I felt my waters come again, I increased the rate at which I was bonking her, then I felt her Kandahar muscles hold and release my whopper. I knew she had finished, I released my waters and we both finished at the same time and I pulled out instantly.

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