I bonked Zari First – King Lawrence

Following their social media wars last evening, Zari and King Lawrence have made it their obligation to insult each other by unearthing their secrets.

king law

After Lawrence posted a video of himself taking Zari’s son around for a ride, war erupted among the two South African based individuals.

Zari advised Lawrence to respect his job as a driver because that is what pays his bills. According to Zari, Lawrence is a mere driver who drops and picks her sons from school.

Scenes continued to unfold when Lawrence counter attacked Zari by saying that he bonked her before she hooked Diamond.


However the desert queen came out to rubbish the claims saying Lawrence is a worthless attention seeker who cannot be granted access to view her eclipse.

Noteworthy, the rich gang member also posted screenshots of their conversations while Zari was begging for money from him.

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