I Dont Wear Fake Hips-Fabiola

There is no denying that 2014 Miss Uganda first runner up Fabiola real name Anita Kyarimpa is gorgeous.

kyalimpa anita

In fact, she is the reason as who why most men are glued on their television sets every Sunday evening for her love connection show; Be My Date.

Ever since Fabiola joined celebrity circles, a lot has been said about her especially about her love life.

Not so long ago, it was said that the twenty year old obscenely beautiful babe was at logger heads with city businesswoman Sarah Kizito over her son Mo Red Mayanja as she was deemed unworthy to date him.

Ent256 Mercy Kyomugisha sat Fabiola down at Guvnor on the set of Be My Date for a one on one session regarding her career, life after Miss Uganda and love life among others.

MK: Briefly, how would you describe yourself?

Fabiola: I am God fearing, down to earth, friendly, approachable, focused and ambitious lady. I am also a great thinker. I think of myself as a very creative person and am always looking forward to be a better person.

I love to have a good time of course, having happy people around me and positive vibes.

MK: How far with your education as it was rumoured that you are choking on retakes?

Fabiola: I am in my second year at Makerere University perusing a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

About the retakes, I don’t know where that talk originated from but I have zero retakes. And by the way, I take my studies seriously and my parents do too so I can’t take for them poor results. I also love the course that

I am doing because it is in line with the work that I do and where I want to go. When am in school I don’t see myself as a celebrity, I do what I am meant to do and that is study. I actually want to do a master’s and a may be PHD soon after am done with my bachelors.

MK: How do you balance books and your television job?

Fabiola: I prioritize, when it’s time to work it’s time to work, when it’s time for school it’s  time for school. I do not mix the two and my books always come before my job.

MK: As a child, did you see yourself taking this career path?

Fabiola: Yes definitely. I am actually living my dream and I have envisioned everything like from the time I was twelve years old. I always wanted to be in media because I started modeling with Arapapa Models when I was twelve. Then in high school, I was an information prefect and was a very active member of the interact club.

I was all over the place because I always loved media and entertainment.

MK: Miss Uganda and Be My Date have turned you into an instant celebrity.  How  has life changed since you came to the lime light?

Fabiola: It has changed a lot because of course people judge you, they think they know you but in reality they have no idea. People get the wrong impression of me; I am a very reserved person but I am mistaken for this jumpy person. But it is no big deal because I know how to handle myself.

MK: For a beautiful lady like yourself, you must have stalkers. How do you deal with them?

Fabiola: Like I said, I am a reserved person and I don’t just publicize my life on social media. Social media is good but can also destroy you as public figure ad I don’t want that to happen. So I only post things that people don’t mind knowing about me. I don’t post pictures of my house or car. It is when one does that people get to know and

start stalking you. However, I try as much as I can to turn my stalkers into fans.

MK: Some time back, it was rumoured that you wear fake hips and bums. Your body is amazing are those hips real?

Fabiola: Yes my hips are real. And I want to make this clear that when I went for Miss Uganda, I was twice the size I am today and I had to lose so much weight because in a beauty pageant, weight matters a lot. After Miss Uganda, the weight came back and that is why people think I wear fake hips because they had never seen me before the pageant. My body I naturally curvy so I don’t mind what people say about it.

MK: When Be My Date has started, it was said that the show was stage managed and that people appear because they are paid. How true are the allegations?

Fabiola: This is a reality TV show so it is not stage managed as you can see for yourself since you are on the set. All these people you see here are real and looking for love and don’t even get to see each other until they are on set. The only thing I do I prep them on how to conduct themselves.

MK: How does it make you feel that people think that the show is stage managed?

Fabiola: I am not bothered by those who think that the show is not real because it only means that they watch otherwise how do they know it is fake?

MK: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Fabiola: With a very big career in media. I am also getting more into acting because I believe I am multitalented and above all I believe in myself. The only thing I can’t do is sing. I also hope to become a motivational speaker.

MK: How challenging is it being in media?

Fabiola: Well, people don’t think I am real as there has been the issue of fake hips. Lack of privacy because people want to mind my business is by far my biggest challenge because everything I do is being trailed.

MK: It has been said that your boyfriend Mo Red Mayanja’s mother Sarah Kizito does not approve about your relationship with her son. What do you have to say about that?

Fabiola: That is all hear say. I love her, she loves me and that is all I can say.

Besides, I am a secretive person and don’t like putting my love life out there for all to know. Right now I am not ready to talk about my love life.

MK: Do you have any regrets because you were not crowned Miss Uganda 2013 considering you were most people’s favorite?

Fabiola: No, none at all. It actually made me realize that everything happens for a reason. May be if I had won, I wouldn’t be where I am today but am really happy I participated. Like I said I am living my dream so no regrets whatsoever.

MK: Favorite dish…

Fabiola: I love chicken curry with vegetable rice and mashed potatoes.

MK: What is your best pass time activity?

Fabiola: I travel to different places when am free, I love to read books, swim hung out with family, family comes first always.

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