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You might not believe her but that’s what she plans to do –  yes to run for a political seat in years to come. Probably you have seen Doreen on front pages of newspapers or news websites but after a free care body show at the Demarco concert, her fame shot up. Since then her pictures have been a subject of discussion on social media. Our online writer Willy Byarabaha sat down the model who also doubles as the daughter to former Rwampara MP Amon Muzoora to talk about her modeling, future plans and sex life. Here are her excerpts.

RP: What Do You Think Of Your Modeling career?

Doreen: I think I have achieved like a quarter of what i expect to do in a few years to come. Its a hard balancing act between books and a modelling career.

RP: Where Do You Want To Reach. Are We Going See You In The Colours Of Victoria Secrets Undies?

Doreen: It will be my books first. But i have many opportunities. I may tell you something and i end up doing something else. I’m still trying to figure out the best career to me.

RP: Talk about How You Are Free Your Body?

Doreen: I’m a model and very confident. I’m not going to ignore designer clothes because of being shy. Sometime back I used to be shy by the way but there is reason as to why am behaving this way. Maybe one day  i will open up about secret.

RP: What Message Do You Have For Your Critics?

Doreen: They just want to be like me, forgetting that God has a reason he created me that way. Critics should just add to their Faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; And to godliness brotherly kindness; form that to charity. They are just ignorant

RP: Are You Seeing Anyone At The Moment And If Yes Who?

Doreen: Am not seeing anyone at the moment: I’m concentrating on ties with God, Family, books, career and friends.

RP: Last Year You Talked Of Following Into Your Father’s Footsteps In Politics In 2016. Do You Still Have That Political Ambition?

Doreen: About my political career? I told you i have a lot of options. I will see what to goes on in future. I’m a very patient person.

RP: What Do You Say About Fashion And Modeling Industry In Uganda. Do You See It Growing Or Going Down?

Doreen: The modelling industry is growing very fast but as usual if something becomes too much, it spoils it all for example people with boutiques also showcasing? I find it funny. One should showcase her own outfits..you know what am talking about…they are spoiling the whole thing…unprofessionalism just.

RP: There have been reports you have fallen out with your family over modeling. What is your say on the relationship with your family?

Doreen: People should know that i love my family and it supports me. They should also learn to mind their business. I don’t respect people who have no education.

RP: What Message do you have to say for your fans?

Doreen: They should put God first, in whatever they do. I am a participator in the divine experience. I live my life everyday from the position of advantage and Victory. Nothing and nobody can put me down, because i have the life and nature of God at work in me.

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12 thoughts on “I Have A Political Dream – Doreen Kabareebe

  1. it’s good for her to keep on dreaming b’se no one in his/her sane mind mind can take her seriously with that insane and indecent dressing code of hers. madam Doreen i would rather u stick to your career of modelling and body showing instead of politics.

  2. A determined hunter will never fear the battle of the jungle,a good politician is always strong in minds and actions.Lets embless Ugandan politics !!!.

    1. The Uganda of to day is not who but what .I wish to see your comments especially patriotic Ugandans.

  3. wow Doreen!!! if you know God as you claim you would not display your body in such a way.
    or dont you know your body is the tempel that should be kept holy covered or do just worship
    with your lips??? about uneducated not many are blessed like you even the learnt as you, even the learnt are found to be more ignorant with no self respect… you fail to walk in the true light you live in spirit of deception. Our God is a Holy God.

  4. yeah, your dreams are possible to achieve on condition that you stop exposing your butt to the likes of Chameleon to touch around the way they like.

  5. ohooooo! have ever seen a nude politician? your lifestyle will haunt you in politics and you will loose it. I advise you to stick with your modelling and bum shows.

  6. Then our politics is loosing value if people like kabareeba after showing us her scally butts can come out and say that they want to join politics, God bless our country.

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  8. God and family this, God and family that. All our politicians and celebrities use such superficial lines to rationalize their own greed and narcisism. It’s a sin in fact, and a lazy way of not developing a deep and true sense of right and wrong. We will grow as a country when we stop putting on airs, develop real compassion and a more sophisticated understanding of morality. Shame on this insecure, hollow creature posing as a righteous, educated soul.

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