I Never Loved Zari – Ivan

Zari and Ivan

More details keep surfacing in relation to the on going love triangle involving South African based businessman Ivan, Sharon O and Ronnie Mulindwa.

Zari and Ivan
Zari and Ivan

According to Ivan’s cousin and business partner, King Lawrence, it was just last week that he(Ivan)let the cat out of the bag, revealing how he was finally in love with no body but the former Obsessions’ dancer cum singer, Sharon O.

“Ivan never loved Zari, he is in love for the very first time thanks to Sharon O,”King Lawrence intimates to snoops and goes ahead to brand Zari as a social climber who only wanted Ivan for money. This is a shocking considering that Ivan and Zari have been together for seven years and have three kids together.

Meanwhile, though Zari insists that she and Ivan are happy, she has refused to admit that Sharon actually snatched her man as many allege.

“She never stole him as many say because she found him a free man since I  had left month alredy. Stop twisting what you don’t know…..we are both happy with our decision except the spectators who don’t know exactly what they are happy about. Fe nga fe babili tuli okay with it. So rest your case with what you don’t know” Zari posted on her Facebook wall.

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  1. king lawrence is surely a jerk. how can you be with some1 you dont love for over 7yrs and have children together? i get a feeling lawrence wanted zari first but she chose ivan. and whatever he is saying now, a fool he is. let your bro sort himself out.

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