I Originate From Four Countries -Zari

During a recent TV interview in Kenya, city socialite and well known bed hopper Zari Hassan left people literally in a panic mood after declaring that she has lineage from over four countries.


While appearing on Citizen TV, the programme moderator asked Zari where she truly comes from considering her color, behavior and high libido levels.

“One of my grandmothers is from Uganda, my granddad from my mother’s side was from India, and on my Dad’s side I have Burundian Blood, and Somali blood,” Zari revealed

Shockingly, while stating the above origins, she took a 30-second interval while stating each, which is proof enough that it is fabricated content.

In the same interview, she denied being a socialite and a bed hopper on claims that she is a normal human being, as if socialites are abnormal people.

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