I represent something for a new Uganda—Mbabazi

Presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi yesterday told his supporters in Mityana district that his candidature represents “something” for a new Uganda.


He said Uganda needs change of government and a leader with the right ideas. Mbabazi said he represents the beginning of change.

“Change will only come with change of government, one with the right ideas. My colleagues and I represent something new for Uganda. Time for change is now. Vote Amama Mbabazi. Vote for Change. I will be the beginning of change,” he said.

He promised to pay 1980-1986 National Resistance Army bush war veterans and look after children of the departed heroes.

It is the war that brought president Museveni to power.


Mbabazi said when he was Prime Minister, he proposed many changes in government which were trashed. He argued these proposals led to his dismissal.

“It’s then that I decided to come to you to propose these reforms. After years in government, there is a lot I have learnt. I know how everything works in government. Therefore, trust me in this journey. Ugandans are ripe for change, and this is in your hands. Go vote, all of you,” he said.

When asked about how votes were rigged. He responded; “Just don’t leave the polling station. I know a lot and can assure such (vote rigging) will not be done this time round.”

He said his government will tackle the difficulties of transporting produces due to bad roads in Mityana. He also promised to tackle youth unemployment healthcare challenges.

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