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Oyite Ojok

Oyite Ojok
Oyite Ojok

President Yoweri Museveni has called on leaders to have a personal relationship with God, adding that you cannot live a godless life and succeed.

The President was on Sunday speaking during interdenominational prayers for members of the NRM caucus currently on a retreat at Kyankwanzi. The members of parliament took the Sunday morning off for prayers before resuming with the retreat later in the afternoon. Mass was led by Rev. Father Joseph Ssesaazi and the homily by Rev. Fr Vincent Kajoba all from Kyankwanzi parish.

“Am glad to have attended the service and am glad that you all came. I have not been an active Christian in church in recent but am very active privately. But for you, you should be religious, here am telling you very seriously. You should have a relationship with God. And this relationship does not go through these priests. It should be direct between you and God because these priests are just mobilisers, they are not between you and God but they are sort of mobilisers to keep reminding you about your relationship with God. And for me I can tell you that there are many times when I pray and actually God performs more or less like a miracle,” he said.

The President said all the things members of parliament are engaged in, relate to the what the priests referred to as the eleventh commandment.

“When you think you can do things as long as you are not seen, you can do bad things as long as you are not seen, you should remember that there is the one who is seeing you. And over these fifty years I have seen people who think they are very clever. In this politics of ours, just making trouble…. they think they are very clever, they think if they do this, they do that …they will succeed. And they fail badly. I have seen it with my eyes if I had time I would write it for you. On the other hand if you work with God, he will protect you,” he said.

The President gave a background of the bush war when Mwalimu Nyerere called them to form UNLA and to surrender their armies. According to Museveni, his officers led by Otaffiire protested that they could not surrender their guns, wondering what they would use if the UPC turned against them.

“I said no, a leader cannot have too languages, we handed in all the guns, when you hear that the NRA started with only 27 guns which is true, it is because we handed in 9000 guns to UPC they thought they were so clever that they got all guns and could do anything they wanted. They failed. I saw this with my own eyes. We who hand handed in our guns when it was necessary to get the guns we got them. It was at a high cost but we were better off than if we had done the treachery of saying one thing and doing another,” he said.

According to President Museveni, in 1979 – 1980, UPC was doing many bad things including killing people.

“My officers said we should kill Oyite Ojok in Nile Mansions. The even made a plan. They called it operations kichwa meaning head. If we killed Oyite Ojok, UPC would have lost its head. I rejected that plan. I said we cannot attack anybody without warning. It is treachery,” he said.

The President said in some cultures it is wrong to attack a person without warning.

“If I want to beat you and I find you looking the other way, I first cough and you turn. So that he does not say I attacked him by surprise. When you see me keeping quite when I see all these things going on, I first of all want to come and sit with you here in Kyankwanzi and tell you when we are together. I can’t go and start talking before telling you my people. I vetoed the plan to kill Oyite Ojok. I cannot accept this. To kill someone without warning, I can’t accept it. So I saved Oyite Ojok. Later on Oyit Ojok died by some other things but not by treachery. You cannot live a Godless life and think that you will succeed. If Sekikuubo, you bring forged documents to parliament like they did the other time on oil, it is like the Sermon on the Mount. If you are going with your accuser to the judge, on the way you can repent and reconcile,” he said.

The interdenominational prayers were led by Rev. Father Joseph Ssesaazi while the homily was delivered by Rev. Fr Vincent Kajoba.

They cautioned urged leaders to represent their people well because they are Gods people and that if they do, it is a qualification to heaven.

“Some people don’t understand prayer. It all begins with what you do. A member of parliament if you represent well, God will repay you and qualify you to heaven. Blessed are those pure in heart. They shall see God. Blessed are the peace makers. Don’t fear to be persecuted if you speak the truth, they said, adding that as Honourable members, they are the salt for Uganda and what they bind, the electorate will follow.”

They however cautioned them to be careful with the laws they pass for the good of the people.

“If I was in parliament the bill on homosexuality would not wait. Don’t allow these people to use their wealth to impose their culture on our people, stand up to be counted,” Rev. Ssesaazi said.


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