FabMc: Briefly tell me about yourself
Babaritah: My name is Mirembe Babaritah (Babaritah Muziki), I am an artiste under a label known as Maritini Entertainment


FabMc: Tell me how you spend your now that we have the coronavirus?
Babaritah: I spend my time trying to perfect my career as a musician. I am practicing with music instruments


FabMc: Tell me about your love life?
Babaritah: My love life is kind of complicated because as an artiste I work with a lot of male friends and at times people end up thinking otherwise. But when the right time comes I will be glad to share more about my love life.


FabMc: Briefly describe to me your ideal man
Babaritah: My ideal man would be a hardworking person, caring, loving and most importantly someone who knows how to treat a lady in a proper way.


FabMc: How many children would you wish for?
Babaritah: Four kids


FabMc: Would you date a neighbor?
Babaritah: No, because a lot of things would be interfering like our fellow neighbors which I don’t like. I like my privacy especially with love matters.


FabMc: Would you date an older man for fame and money?
Babaritah: No


FabMc: What is your favorite daily attire?
Babaritah: Pants mostly jeans


FabMc: What is your favorite meal?
Babaritah: Matooke and fresh fish


FabMc: Tell me something you can’t do without in your house, car, and handbag as well
Babaritah: Handkerchief


FabMc: What are some of the things that sound like compliments but are actually insults to you
Babaritah: A person complementing my body when am walking


FabMc: Tell me 2 things you can’t stand about men
Babaritah: Stingy and Violent

FabMc: Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person and how you
handled the situation.

Babaritah: I once had a friend who I thought was loyal to me I fully trusted her then later I got to know she was spreading rumors about me , it really hurt me a lot but I just decided to talk to her and find out why she was doing that and she managed to
open up.


FabMc: What is the craziest thing about yourself that only you know?
Babaritah: It’s personal as you have said so no need to share


FabMc: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Babaritah: In five years’, time I see myself as a successful music artiste with many great hits, having my own businesses and inspiring many young musicians

FabMc: What crazy thing have you ever done in the name of love?
Babaritah: Moved on foot 30kms to see someone I love hahaha banange love eno


FabMc: If you had a chance of slapping one politician really hard in the face in this country who would that person be and why?
Babaritah: Hahahaha…. None


FabMc: We are so grateful for your time; please give us a final message to our readers and your fans as Well.
Babaritah: Readers and fans thanks for supporting local music, thanks for supporting Babaritah Muziki stay safe during this covid pandemic, sanitize and subscribe to Babaritah muziki YouTube love you so much. May God bless you all.

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