I Wanted To Die — Spiderman

I Wanted To Die — Spiderman

By Serestino Tusingwire

Mustapha Lule, 17, who a few weeks ago jumped off Mabirizi Complex has revealed that he was tired of the troubles of this world and he wanted to die.

While speaking to a reporter of the Serena based local TV, Lule revealed that before attempting to commit suicide, had been chased away from his rented muzigo over rent arrears, lost his job, robbed and thumped to pulp by unknown goons.

“Some haters lied to my employer that I wasn’t honest with his finances and he fired me,” Lule painfully narrated before adding that; “I was beaten and robbed of all my belongings. They left me naked and they took off with my wallet, Identification documents and money.”

After the thorough beating, all family members abandoned him except her mother but she couldn’t do enough to save the situation.

When he returned home one day, the landlord had chased them away from the Muzigo and this was the beginning of the suicide attempt.

“When I was climbing upstairs, there is a woman who saw me but she did nothing to stop me. She was not concerned at all. I didn’t get scared to jump off but getting back to my normal senses, I found myself on a hospital bed in dire pain,” narrates Lule.

Lule now regrets what he did and asks for forgiveness from anybody who he might have caused distress and anguish, especially his mother.

He now describes himself as a changed man who has a deeper appreciation of life, which has motivated him to work harder to make it better.

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