I Will Appeal My Suspension – Fr. Musala

Rev. Father Musala Anthony

Rev. Father Musala Anthony
Rev. Father Musala Anthony

Suspended Catholic Priest Reverend Father Anthony Musala has vowed to appeal his suspension from the Catholic Church.

On Tuesday, Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga Kizito suspended Musala over a letter he authored exposing sexual immorality in the Catholic Church. Archbishop Lwanga, while suspending Musala said he had destroyed the good morals of the Church.

However, while speaking to the media, Father Musala vowed to take his case to the Pope’s representative.

“I will go and see the Pope’s ambassador. I have written my statement, and I have said; you know First of all, you are suspending me for putting something on the internet, which I didn’t do.” Father Musala said.

In the letter that has since gone viral on the web, Fr. Musala claims he had his first sexual encounter with a priest at the age of 16, adding that some priests within the Church have continuously molested women without any punitive measure against them.

He also suggested that the Church should allow priests to get married, saying it was one of the reasons that got him into trouble.

“I asked, in my letter, why priests were not given the option of marriage. This is another reason why I was suspended. The truth of the matter is there are married priests in England who were Anglicans before. The church allowed them to keep their wives when they became priests. Why not give them the option in Africa?” He wondered.

The Rev. Father’s missive comes at a time when the Catholic  Church is trying to contain an explosion of sex scandals that have since since rocked the Vatican with many tasking the new Pope Francis to make it his top priority to solve the issue.

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8 thoughts on “I Will Appeal My Suspension – Fr. Musala

  1. Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga Kizito suspended Musala let him serve as an example to clean the church Catholics its time to have a few priests than many who come to destroy our region these are not priests their Job hunters some are opportunistic coming to stealing church dime and then go.

  2. Every sin has got an end. This thing has been going on for so long unchecked. Fr. Musala which ever forum he used, is not an issue. what is the issue is the content of the matter. Lwanga should not run away from the truth.

    1. Excuse me Moses, are married people who keep on having extra marital affairs outside the wedlock any better? Why are you blowing the issue out of proportion? The fact should be that each one should be faithful to his or her calling. It is not fair to make all priests scape goats and forget some laity who are also not saints either yet they are so many faithful priests as well.

  3. I think the Arch-Bishop has over reacted. He should have first listened to the priest. The Bishop’s action might be taken as if he is not a good listener to his subordinates. Recently, its the same Bishop and other church leaders who have been telling President Museveni and his team to always listen to Ugandans before anything is done for the society!! Bishop, i am a Catholic myself, kindly bring Fr. Musala on the table and listen to him.

    1. the archibishop was right. becuase if musala wants priests to marry is like telling a moslem to start eating pork which is against their but my suggestion is that he should be allowed to reunite with the church if he accepts that he made a mistake

  4. Hi fellow Christians,which is which because bishop says that it was written that no priest should get married yet fr.musala says that they should marry,now my question is that do
    the two priests read the some “BIBLE”.

  5. The Kingdom of God has never been confused even the fall of Adam and the coming of CHRIST was DIVINELY instituted.The all thing was wrong right from the begging. Why REFORMATION? PETER the Apostle of Christ had continoues revelation from HEAVENLY FATHER on issues of Doctrines,governance of the Church see Acts10 , CORNOLIUS could not be accepted by the CHURCH if not upon revelation through peter.Friends, where are you PROPHETS, APOSTLES,SEVENTIES, PATRIARCHS.Lets learn by study,by faith from all good books.THE FLAG FOLLOWED THE CROSS DISCUS?,don’t involve my redeemer in this things.peter truly was killed IN ROME BY THE ROMANS.The Divine authority of GOD in him was lost on the very day of his death [the priesthood keys by which the mind God could be seek for the salvation of men] peter was a prophet of GOD.REFORMATION BY GOOD MEN, BADMEN cant reform divine authority.Musaala may GOD lead you to the knowledge of RESTORATION NOT REFORMATION.Angles have restored the divine authority mention here.seek you will find.

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