I Won’t Buy the Independent Magazine Anymore – Ingrid

Opposition activist Ingrid Turinawe.; Photo by Morgan Mbabazi


I Won’t Buy the Independent Magazine Anymore – Ingrid

The social media row between motor-mouthed journalist Andrew Mwenda and FDC supporters have so far taken another level by bringing the inner feelings of disdain from both sides.

Following his attack on Besigye supporters that they are the stupidest people he has ever seen in political history, Mwenda is yet to regret why he ever said this.

In a war that dominated all social media platforms this week, Mwenda has faced the wrath of radical and extremist supporters of FDC and Dr. Besigye.

While Besigye is still silent about the issue, Mwenda is being badly attacked by Besigye’s self-appointed personal assistants with the likes of the controversial former Makerere lecturer Stella Nyanzi.

Nyanzi said Mwenda is a gay and a prostitute who was bought at a price by Museveni to discredit opposition strongman Dr Besigye and his supporters.

Very many other FDC supporters have come out to publicly attack Mwenda for his accusations thereby calling him all sorts of names including; rapist, defiler, gay, and prostitute among others.

The recent person to attack Mwenda is FDC’s iron lady and Secretary of mobilization Ingrid Turinawe, who believes boycotting Mwenda’s Independent magazine, is much better than engaging him in a war of words.

Ingrid also believes her boycott would get followers thus punishing Mwenda for his uncalculated words.

“I am not the stupidest person as Andrew Mwenda claims, reason why sales of the independent magazine will fall by one copy.
#Resolution 2017.
I won’t buy the independent magazine anymore. No turning back.” Turinawe wrote on her Facebook page.

We therefore wait to see how this will come to an end.

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