Ill-premised and Misconstrued! ICT Ministry slams critics distorting information on budget, activities for COVID-19

Minister Judith Nabakooba (L) with NITA-U ED James Saaka. (FILE Photo)

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Kampala – The Ministry of Information, Communications Technology and National Guidance has, on Friday, April 3, slammed critics ravaging media platform sharing distorted information on its activities and budget for National TaskForce.

This follows public-outcry on the budget allocated to the fight against the deadly virus dedicated toward creating awareness claiming the figures were ginormous and unsolicited

In a statement issued this afternoon, the ICT Ministry clarified on its key activities that it executing in efforts to expedite communications and awareness efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus in Uganda.


The Ministry further spell out its position on the COVID-19 National taskforce, chaired by Rt. Hon. Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda (Prime Minister) and comprised of four (4) working committee; Health; Works, Transport and Trade; Logistics and Communication.

It also disclosed that Hon. Judith Nabakooba chaired the Communications Working Committee and shed light on the technical Team at the ministry.

Although Hon. Minister of ICT & National Guidance chairs the Communication Working Committee, the details of budget preparation and activities therein are the responsibility of the Technical Team at the Ministry,” read the statement.

On the proposal to the placement of billboards adjacent to market that are operation on SOPs sanctioned by the Presidential directives to remain open, the ministry expressed worry that social distancing and hygiene were not being observed.

“The proposal to place billboards at major markets across the country is to remind the public of the technical guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health,” read part of the statement

On what a section of the public has retorted that were exorbitant figures, the Ministry affirmed that it was going to facilitate sub-county leaders across the country

“Regarding the budget of the National Taskforce, it is important to note that it includes the facilitation of over 2,000 sub-counties in Uganda. It is meant to ease their operations of the sub-country chiefs, equipped with mega-phones to disseminate MoH approved messages about COVID-19 in the communities and not only social media at portrayed,” statement deliberated.

“Therefore the ongoing criticism, targeted at Hon.MInisters of ICT and National Guidance is unfair, ill-premised and misconstrued!” the statement read.

Uganda has so far registered 45 cases of the deadly coronavirus with no confirmed deaths and recoveries yet.

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