I’m not broke as they claim—Grace Nakimera

Grace Nakimera

Not so long ago, there was a story in the media that singer Grace Nakimera is broke and has degraded so low that she uses taxis to commute around the city.

Grace Nakimera
Grace Nakimera

However, the Bumper Ku Bumper hit maker has come out to say she is not broke, and she has never been.

“That’s just loose talk fueled by bad mind people, I’m not broke and I’ve never been,” Our source overheard her telling a close pal.

As a matter of fact, this close she was seen sharing pics of her sleek rides with pals, and for the best snoops we are, we have landed our hands on them.

Grace Nakimera drives a Toyota Prado TX and Mercedes Benz— and this is not Wolokoso by the way, we have the pics.

Apparently, the picture that circulated in the media was taken of her commuting in a Royal essene van, but the snapper mistook it for a Taxi.

This comes shortly after she landed a lucrative deal of over 120M for her forthcoming Concert which is rumored to be around May next year.

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