Inside The Hunt Of Tom Voiltaire Okwalinga

Robert Shaka


Mystery still surrounds the exact identity of Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (TVO) a day after the arrest of Robert Shaka alias Maverick Blutaski on Monday Morning.

Robert Shaka
Robert Shaka

Robert Shaka, an Information security expert who has been posting texts on Facebook critical to government is suspected to be running the Facebook account and page of an anonymous person in the name of Tom Voiltaire Okwalinga (TVO).

After arrest of Shaka, Okwalinga continued posting on his Facebook account and page.

An indication that the person arrested isn’t TVO.

In what he termed as a message to Kale Kayihura, Okwalinga said; “You must release Robert Shaka with immediate effect, for he has not committed any crime by just airing out his views and opinion. He is not even TVO. I advise you to continue looking for TVO until you grow grey hair, and by that time it will be TVO looking for you.”

Commenting on Shaka’s arrest TVO said; “The wrongful arrest of Robert Shaka is an attempt to account for all the millions that have been wasted in the futile effort to catch me. Both the police and special forces command have chewed this money in huge amounts.”

Who Led to Arrest of Robert Shaka?

TVO has Identified Justus Amanya, another social media activist as a figure who published lies about Robert Shaka and later led to his arrest.

Justus Amanya
Justus Amanya

”Here is Justus Amanya, the man who published lies about Robert Shaka that he was TVO, lies that led the state to pick interest in him and harass him to the point of now arresting him. Amanya is an evil being, and known for blackmailing people, and companies,” TVO posted on Facebook accompanying photos of Justus Amanya

Responding to allegations, Justus Amanya said that has never worked for the government of Uganda and later the State.

“I do not and have never worked for the government of Uganda and later the State. I am very well known especially in activism against Exploitation; the most recent being ‪#‎stopMTNgonya. I openly oppose this regime in black and white without fear or favour. But what i do not do is abuse, engage in hate speech or in tribal insinuations,” Justus said.

In February 2015, Shaka was summoned by Criminal Investigation Intelligence directorate for investigations. Later, his home was searched by detectives and his personal gadgets including ipads, Mobile Phones and Flash disks were confiscated.

Leaking regime classified Secrets

TVO has been releasing series of classified government secrets.

April 2014, he posted secret tape that implicated Police IGP Kale Kayihura’s attempt to investigate and curtail Mbabazi’s underneath campaign to oust President Museveni in 2016 presidential elections.

From November 2015, TVO started posting on Facebook calling upon people to prepare for protest to reclaim “Uganda’s democracy from dictatorship” on December 15th, 2015.

When his Facebook followers challenged him to come out and reveal his identity as he was planning to lead a people to the journey to change, TVO responded saying that most Ugandans know him since he appears on TV and in newspapers.

“For long some people have called on TVO to come out in the open and lead the journey to change. These same people say at the same time that they don’t know who TVO is. Now what if TVO is well among you and lives and walks among you. It is possible that most Ugandans know who TVO is and have seen him on TV and newspapers and even on the streets. Come December 15th, the game will change,” he posted on Facebook on November 3oth 2014.

The Question still stands, who is Tom Voltaire Okwalinga???

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