INTERVIEW: Judith Heard Speaks Out On Leaked Nudes


Socialite Judith Heard has told the Red Pepper she might be a little shaken but she’s definitely not stirred after her nudes were leaked on social media last week.

Qn: Its been a rough week for you. How do you feel after your nudes were posted?
HEARD: Haaaa I feel energized, great and positive like always, you can tell that by my day to day life on social media. 
Qn: Are you proud of it?
HEARD: Not really am just shocked how cold and cruel someone could go trying to tarnish my reputation and image which he or she failed to do so…Listen am already established and self made in the way not even nude photos can try to take a piece of it.
Qn: Who recorded the sex tape?
HEARD: I would like to take this platform to say am not the one in that sex tape? My hand and ankle are both tatooed and if you view that sex tape well the person in it carries no tatoo. So am just playing cool more so agree to disagree, these are all plays brought by haters to make me loose focus.. Haaaaa … am so ready this time. 
Qn: Who leaked it?
HEARD: (Photos) I think its any of those negative minded life styled people out there who did so but I guess they managed to satisfy there hunger and thirst because soon or later they will quench for more. Hate is a curse whenever you try to live life on the negative side, you will always find ways to keep up with it. But I pray they all get redemption. But for the (video) I have no idea about it. 
LEAKED: Judith with a male companion in the pictures that went viral
Qns..Were you aware that the tape was being recorded? 
HEARD: The person in the sex tape is not me so I will pass that question, may be if you found the girl in that sex tape she would answer this question better. 
Qns..Are you still married?
HEARD: Haaaaa….Am a happy married woman with 3 children and am loving every moment of it bits by bits. People are so depressed because I do not normally post my husband on my social media pages but he is okay with it because him as a person, he loves his privacy and I respect that as his wife. But we are fine and he is at home now with the kids. 
Qn: Did it happen before or after your marriage?
HEARD: Photos were taken before my marriage. Those photos are very very old like very… the person who leaked them must have had his personal grievances but am a public figure and i best know there always people out there so bipolar to get my attention which I normally don’t give. They will be fine. 
Qn: You have some people who look up to you. What message do you think they will pick from it?
HEARD: Life is a rainbow when you get close to it, it disappears to another place and when you go there it disappears again but the midst of chasing the rainbow, you always find hills, mountains and valleys in your way but then that doesn’t not stop you from going after the rainbow… Life will always hit you so bad up to your knees but you must always stand up strong and hit back. Fall seven times get up on the eighth time. Am so focused on my goals, work for the community and my family. What happened was a test of the devils work that it doesn’t sleep so everyone out there should know am not resting too.. I have a big team and management working day and night to make me stay on top like always and if you can’t beat us, Join us. At the end of the day. Prayers go up and blessing come down.
Am still Judith Heard, Slim Nalongo, Hot mama, Atagejja, Atakogo and Africa’s Top Model.
Also I wanna use this opportunity to apologize to my  family,friends and fans all over the world am sorry these pictures were meant to remain private hurt them. Am human, maybe I shouldn’t have taken them but well, its a lesson I have learnt now. Life is a correction of experiences.
QN: Did you like talk about it with hubby?
HEARD: No man wants to see his woman’s body all over social media pages but am blessed to have a very understanding man.
He’s stood by me since day one
Qn: How was your performance on the UNESCO event?
HEARD: it was breath taking as always… Everytime i step on the runway it feels like never before but in general it was so amazing we got to showcase alot of African designs thanks to Stela Atal who always believes in me and on top of that i got a chance to meet the Director General of UNESCO Audrey Azoulay who got inspired by my works and love for African fashion. Alot is coming on our way to add on that come 24th Augast 2018 i will be hosting the East African European Convetion in London-UK, So the sky is never the Limit.

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