Is Poor service delivery Pushing the Kajara MP Tumuzigu to quit politics ?

Amos Tayebwa

A few weeks ago, the Kajara county Member of Parliament, Michael Tumuzigu among other few Ugandan MPs declared that they will not contest again for the MP seats come 2026 polls; Tumuzigu is among those that wants to retire from politics. However sources have it that the legislator has not carried any service to his electorates for the whole of this term, something that has threatened his sought for another term.

According to the sources, the state of service delivery in Kajara County is worrying the electorates who complain against their Member of Parliament for having neglected them.

When MP Tumuzigu took the MP seat from Steven Tashobya in 2016, major government projects that had started during Tashobya’s time had stalled.

Among the projects that have stalled include Kahama water scheme in Nyabushenyi Subcounty and electricity extension that was supposed to supply some areas of Kiyaga, Kirama, Zaituni all in Nyabihoko Sub-county and some parts of Nyabushenyi sub-county which were also in the same project.  The Kahama water scheme was a multi-billion project that was meant to supply water to the two sub-counties of Nyabihoko and Nyabushenyi.

This project was lobbied from the central government by the then MP Tashobya but when he lost the 2016 elections all the projects that had started were left to waste due to lack of follow-ups by the current MP.

MP Tumuzigu is being cursed by his own electorates over the terrible state of the road network in the constituency.  All the major roads which are under UNRA are in a very sorry state, the legislator is blamed for failing to lobby the ministry so that those roads can be maintained.

One of the UNRA roads that is currently impassable is Rwashamaire- Kanyampumo- Kyabirara- Rubare road. For a long time people have cried for rescue but nothing has ever been responded by the leaders like the MP.   Roads which have been improved part of it are under Local Government Ntungamo District.

According to the sources, one of the other reasons why Kajara County is backsliding as far as service delivery is concerned, things changed when MP Tumuzigu defied President Museven’s Age Limit motion in Parliament.

Kajara County was one of the modal counties in Ntungamo District and in Uganda at large.  It is said that Tumuzigu’s decision against Age Limit was a political grave which most of the people from Kajara regret.

From the time Tumuzigu took the seat, no visible projects have been lobbied from the Central Government to Kajara County. The little that has been brought is the efforts of the Woman MP Ntungamo District, Batta Kamateneti. Among the projects she managed to lobby include a Secondary Seed School at Nkongoro and an Ambulance that she donated to the people of Ntungamo.

Other sources have revealed that among other reasons why Tumuzigu is running away from politics is the pressure from his contenders who have shown interest in contesting for the MP seat Kajara County come 2026.  About five people who have shown their interest for the seat are loaded with smart minds, something that has threatened Tumuzigu’s comeback.

These Include Deus  Rwambukana, Hunter Byenjeru, and Eliakim Atumanya Kapson. There are other rumors circulating that Commissioner Steven Tashobya, the former Kajara county MP is suspected to come back and contest for the same seat.

It is alleged that when Tumuzigu realized that is not able to come to represent the people of Kajara County his movements in the constitution became limited. Since this term began Tumuzigu’s expenses to the People of Kajara cut them. For the last 2 years in hwe has been in parliament for the second term, he has not been much bothered on service delivery in the constituency.

Eliakim Atumanya Kapson,one of the people who are gearing up to contest for Kajara MP seat in 2026 has revealed that most leaders especially the MPs have failed to do their roles which their electorates expect from them.

Atumanya has also stated that there are many government programs and projects that come to the district and sometimes need the follow-ups from an MP. That when such leaders fail to follow them up they end up being diverted and leave the needy people losing the benefits.

He implored the leaders at all levels to always go down to the communities and talk to the people to identify the major issues or challenges that affect them in their respective areas. He said that every village, parish, or sub-county has its issues which are supposed to be identified and solved by their leaders. That it doesn’t make sense to bring a certain government project to an area where the people within that area will not consider it as their major issue. People should be served as per their demand.

“Most of the leaders have always missed out on their people’s demands. As a member of parliament you are mandated to represent your people’s needs. When you are a leader you must reach your electorates in their communities and identify the problems that affect them and identify the priority of the services they need first in place.

Every village has key issues that require attention first, other than bringing a project that will not satisfy the community’s needs .

There should be supper coordination between Leaders like MPs and the people they lead. I call upon the people to vote for a leader that will bring services of their need in their respective areas” said Atumanya.

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