Isimba Dam To Eradicate Load Shedding

In another one of those endless promises that Ugandans are now well conversant with, Isimba dam  located on River Nile between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga in Kamuli district expected to generate 250MW now touted to end Uganda’s load-shedding woes.


Hon. Simon D’ujang the Minister of state for Energy said that when the Isimba dam is completed, the country will not experience load shedding again.

He further emphasised, “If the dam is not completed on time we shall have load shedding again. He went on to say that the dam construction was kick started by the Ugandan Government with the15% contribution amounting to US $ 85,160,848.64, almost 247 billion Uganda Shillings.

This was all said by Hon. D’ujang while responding to a question for Oral Answer asked by the Chairperson of the Committee on National Economy, Hon. Kaabule Naomi Mpagi on whether the residents around the dam area had been compensated.

The Minister stated that 93% of residents had been compensated and the remaining 7% is being handled to prevent future complaints.

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