Israeli Firm To Grow Ganja On Ugandan Firm

Israel’s Together Pharma Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of medical cannabis, said Monday it has placed an order for cannabis seeds for a farm it is setting up in Uganda, targeting sales of cannabis produce for January 2019.

According to the website, the order for the seeds has been placed with a supplier in the Netherlands, considered one of the world’s leading cannabis suppliers, the company said in a statement.

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8 thoughts on “Israeli Firm To Grow Ganja On Ugandan Firm

  1. Its a good idea if only local farmers are legalised to grow and they buy it from farmers directly like tobacco. I wonder why its allowed to be grown in Uganda when its illegally.

  2. weed growing in uganda is illegal how come foreigners are allowed to do criminal acts in our country? NRM be serious! If you hungry for money and wealth, allow local people to cultivate this weed and pay for it after making legal

  3. Our leaders now becoming misleaders. why acting above the law! Lothe and disdain is all I have for this banana Republic.

  4. how come….there is away the government is always being unfair…i get it..its all abt money. yess!!!! BT ask yourself where the money goes and after that its us the civilians to carry the burden ..anyway its totally unfair for foreighner s to be allowed to go against the law against our own wish.

  5. Weed should only be grown by Ugandans and sold to foreigners.
    No foreigner should be allowed.

  6. This can only be heard or done in Uganda – this is treason by whoever approved it

  7. Weed is healthy for everyone of us, as long as it isn’t abused. Anything here can be legalised.

  8. The idea is absolutely nice but it is better to conducted by our fellow Ugandans then bringing in foreigners

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