JACQUELINE MBABAZI: Stress Will Kill Museveni

Jacqueline Mbabazi, the wife of NRM perceived nemesis and booted Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

Jacqueline Mbabazi, the wife of NRM perceived nemesis and booted Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, said that that stress will kill President Yoweri Museveni.

Jacqueline Mbabazi, the wife of NRM perceived nemesis and booted Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi
Jacqueline Mbabazi, the wife of NRM perceived nemesis and booted Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

Outspoken Jacqueline made her prophesy to leaders of pro-Mbabazi NRM Poor youth Forum moments before she and Mbabazi flew out of the country for a leisure holiday abroad.

The couple flew out for a much needed holiday at the start of the week and will be away for an unspecified period of time.

The NRM Poor youth forum bosses had casually asked her why she and hubby were going for a holiday trip yet the youth need them all the time to work on the struggle to bring JPAM to power in the remaining few months.

Jacqueline replied thus, “This is to show we are free spirited unlike Museveni who is dying of stress. My husband and I are free and not stressed despite being targeted in every decision he [M7] makes these days! This is what our leisure trips like this one show.”

Jacqueline is quoted as having told the NRM poor youth forum leaders not to worry adding that Mbabazi wasn’t nervous and was growing strengthened every passing day.

She claimed that because of the too much stress and anxiety created by Mbabazi’s continued silence, Museveni was bound to make many more mistakes.

“Look at the new cabinet decisions. It all shows someone who is stressed and panicking to destroy Mr. Mbabazi, but we are the winners,” she reportedly told the NRM poor youths.

“His (M7) need to destroy Mr. Mbabazi has made him give Kigezi many ministers leaving other regions complaining of being sidelined. Those are the benefits of a stressed president and its working for us.”

And she rhetorically asked, “So how many more mistakes do you think he will make once Mbabazi declares his intentions?”

She further added, “It’s like every action taken to hurt us ends up stressing your president more and his group. Our silence is meant to undress him and we are glad it’s happening at a more terrific speed than we expected.”

She assured the NRM poor youths that Mbabazi knows what he is doing and isn’t an amateur as many of his critics think.

President Museveni (L) and Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi at the NRM parliamentary caucus retreat in Kyankwanzi recently.
President Museveni (L) and Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi at the NRM parliamentary caucus retreat in Kyankwanzi recently.

”Silence is golden and we are going to make him expose himself as he thinks he is working to catch us.”

In her analysis of the recent Cabinet reshuffle Jacqueline singled out Busoga region arguing that its one area where the latest cabinet reshuffle had negatively affected Museveni ratings most.

She claims that because many MPs from that region are now demoralized having had their bubble bust when they were left out in the cold yet they had invested heavily in becoming Ministers.

She gave example of Hon. Moses Balyeku, Hon. Vincent Bagire and Hon. Milton Muwuma amongst others.

She claims these are now demoralized and this hurts pro-Museveni mobilization in the populous region.

She explained that JPAM, as supporters fondly call Mbabazi, had reasons not to declare early including the fear that his key supporters and campaign managers could be targeted and bought off by the state if he declared his bid this early.

She also revealed there are a couple of things which must logistically be in place before JPAM declares his bid.

She added, “That man [M7] can be so vicious once threatened with loss of power. If he can do all this before we declare, don’t you think everything can be viciously crippled if we declared today?”

She told the youths there are many things that must arrive here in Uganda from abroad before JPAM declares his bid. This is because it will be so hard to get them here after JPAM has declared.

To clearly paint the picture of how in charge Mbabazi is of his political future, Jacqueline told the NRM poor youths that JPAM was enjoying himself freely without making any declarations or spending any money like Museveni.

She for instance said contrary to what Museveni’s supporters claim that JPAM lacks support of the people, her husband has on some occasions been out to indirectly test his political popularity and the results have been very reassuring.

“Yes over all, the only place Museveni beats us is in caucus because that is his walking stick, but we also have something like 45% support among those MPs. If we declared today it will be hard for them to openly identify with us.”

She added that their strategy is that they would rather do it on the eve of nominations so that it’s too late for anybody to bribe them adding that this strategy is to not stress their supportive faction of MPs with being witch hunted.

She said that they want such pro-Amama NRM MPs to declare their support after securing the party flag in the NRM party primaries.

At that point there is no way Museveni can strip them of being NRM flag bearers because of their declaration of their support for Mbabazi.

She further revealed and with lots of confidence that Mbabazi’s strong support manifests by way of the public excitement he attracts wherever he amongst which is including a recent shopping visit at Garden City.

The man from Kanungu caused an unprecedented stampede at the elite shopping store as shoppers mobbed him taking photos with him in turns.

On another occasion while out at the Sheraton Hotel based Park Square restaurant Mbabazi brought business to a standstill as everybody wanted to greet him as they chanted, “our man.”

Jacqueline told the poor youths that all these well calculated public appearances had proved that it’s not true that Mbabazi’s delayed declaration of 2016 political ambitions had in any significant way hurt Mbabazi’s popularity.

“No it has only showed that he is a new brand of opponent whose tactics Museveni has never faced,” Jacqueline is quoted as explaining to NRM poor youth forum members.

On the issue of the Kigezi region harvesting almost every post in the recent cabinet reshuffle, Jacqueline said that there is no way the increased ministerial appointments will hurt Mbabazi’s popularity in Kigezi because voters there are seeing reason to fraternize with their son.

“How will having many ministers alone improve service delivery? How will it help a woman whose child can’t join university because of money issues? How will it help an old woman whose problem is get surgical operation which Mulago can’t do yet she has no money to go to India? Will Bahati, Baryomunsi or Mzee Mateke being a minister miraculously solve the genuine grievances of the people?”

“The answer is a definite no,” she said.

She further implored the youth not be bothered about those ministerial appointments because Museveni will never empower those ministers to do any meaningful work.

She added that, “It is good since the people will realize that this is just duping them and it works for us,”

This was taken as a subtle declaration of what everyone is eagerly waiting for come 2016.

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