Judgement On Godi Appeal Set For Today

Former MP Godi Akbar

The Court of Appeal is today expected to pass the judgment in a case filed by jailed former Arua Municipality MP Hussein Akbar Godi.

Godi is appealing against the 25 year jail sentence handed to him in February 2011 for the December 2008 murder of his wife Rehema Ceasar Nasur.

Godi is appealing against the 25 year jail sentence handed to him for the murder of his wife
Godi is appealing against the 25 year jail sentence handed to him for the murder of his wife

The Court of Appeal Registrar John Ochepa Arutu today sent out judgment notices to Godi’s lawyers, M/S Henry Kunya and Co advocates, and the DPP inviting them to attend the judgment.

The appeal was heard on November 20 last year by a panel of three Justices led by the late Constance Byamugisha who said the judgment would be on notice. The other Justices on the panel were; Steven Kavuma and Remmy Kasule.

On February 11 2011, the High Court sitting in Mukono found Godi guilty of murdering his wife when he shot her with a personal pistol at Lukojja in Nama sub-county, Mukono district on December 4, 2008.

But being dissatisfied with the conviction and sentence, the then Arua legislator claimed that the trial judge, Lawrence Gidudu, failed to properly evaluate evidence, thereby arriving at a wrong conclusion that he is responsible for the death of his wife.

During the arguing of the appeal, Godi’s lawyer, Henry Kunya, argued that the trial judge arrived at his judgment basing on circumstantial evidence. According to the lawyer, the judge ignored the evidence of the people at the scene of the crime, who saw and heard what happened on the day Rehema was killed.

He argued that the evidence of various prosecution witnesses, who were at the scene of the crime and denied ever having seen Godi on that night, if considered could have changed the judgment.

Kunya further argued that the shoes that the prosecution brought in court claiming they were for Godi did not fit him as they were too big, hence a crack in the prosecution evidence. The shoes were of size 42 and yet Godi puts on size 39.

He also said the witnesses failed to indentify his car that he allegedly used in the crime.

On the contrary, Senior Principal Attorney Joan Kagezi asked the court to uphold the lower court’s conviction and sentence. She argued that the pieces of circumstantial evidence considered by the trial judge were credible enough to place Godi at the scene of crime for having murdered his wife in cold blood.

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