Juliana Wins Airtel Women Of Substance Award

Uganda’s most successful female singer Juliana kanyomozi scooped the Airtel Women of Substance Award 2014 for the second consecutive time.

Juliana performing after she received her award
Juliana performing after she received her award

Juliana was rewarded during the Inspiring Women concert on March 8 at Garden City rooftop.

“Thank you Airtel for this wonderful recognition. As a young girl singing was my dream, but my prayer was, “lord help me use my music and voice to become a source of inspiration to others,” Juliana happily said after winning the award.

At the Inspiring Women concert, the headlining act of the night was the Jamaican singer Nyanda.


Other local based singers who performed on the same stage with Nyanda were former Blue 3 singer Cindy Sanyu, Irene Ntale, Fille Clear, Brenda Nambi, Sheeba Kalungi, Keko , Lilian Mbabazi and many more.

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3 thoughts on “Juliana Wins Airtel Women Of Substance Award

  1. What Juliana really needs to win is a good man who will lead her down the aisle in holy matrimony.

    Juliana, you very well know that you are aging and that no man in his right senses will marry an aged woman. You don’t want to end up lonely, depressed, and suicidal just like the women in western Europe and USA whom you appear to be imitating. Women here in the west, especially the middle aged and old, are increasingly turning to lesbianism and bestiality in order to cool down the raging fires of sexual lust.

    1. Areopagite, please be sensitive to others, no body needs lectures on aging and marriage. Even married people still have rafing sexual lust and seldom engage in various sexual immoral behaviour. Wamma Juliana, just be yourself. God’s timing is the best. If God brings your way the right person and you feel you are in love, you will get married. If no right man crosses your path it is still good enough to remain single. Paul teaches in the bible that marrying and not marrying are both good in the eyes of God. Marriage is just a gift from God and you can not force God to give you a gift. May be in God’s wisdom, you can achieve more without a man. But im not saying marriage is a bad thing. It is only bad to try and force it on yourself to please the public. Im in love with your music Juliana.

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