JUST ASKING! Has Mulindwa Turned into UTB Boss Ajarova’s ‘Bodyguard’?

Mulindwa and UTB boss Ajarova promoting Tourism

Mulindwa and UTB boss Ajarova promoting Tourism

You all remember city businessman Isaac Mulindwa of the PAM awards? Well, he has been out of the limelight but the latest we have is that he is too tight for comfort with Lilly Ajarova, the Executive Director of the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB).


Snoops reveal that Mulindwa is tight-marking Ajarova too much these days that some people who usually spot them together at times mistake him for being her bodyguard of sorts.


Although they had kept their closeness out of the public realm, the two were smoked out over the weekend in Fort Portal city, where Mulindwa was very tight with the UTB boss to the extent that he reportedly had unlimited access to her hotel.

That Mulindwa’s (middle) presence at UTB has even perfected the CEO’s (L) art of making speeches

It is not clear what secret business they are working on together because of this eye-raising closeness between them.


While in Fort Portal, Snoops reveal that Mulindwa would have access to the UTB Boss’ hotel but while outside in the public the two would sit in different areas, as if they were not together.


A source revealed that Mulindwa travelled secretly to Fort Portal to give company to the UTB boss, yet he is not part of the UTB team, something that left whispers swirling amongst many of her juniors.


It should be noted Mulindwa split up with his Nalongo Sophie Kirabo, who hooked a Mzungu pensioner identified as Peterson before he flew her to Sweden with her three children that include the twins she produced with Mulindwa and her eldest son who was fathered by Kasole Lwanga’s son.

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