Kabale residents Want special Program after vacating  wetlands

By Moses Agaba

A section of local leaders and residents in Buhara and Rwene parishes in Buhara Sub county have expressed the need by the Members of Parliament in Kigezi region to request the president to give them a special  alternative after vacating their lands located in wetlands which they say that has been the main source of their livelihood.

The concern dominated the meetings including at Rwene trading Center, Kashaki Church of Uganda and at Buhara playground, where the Ndorwa East Member of Parliament   Wilfred Niwagaba was over the weekend meeting locals in the respective areas to understand challenges affecting them in the society and how he can find a solution as a legislator.

The Nyakabungo Village LC1 Chairperson Nicholas Akampurira, the Kashaki B village Chairperson Dickson Katureebe and a resident Patrick Tibeita of Shororo village, among others said that they have relied on wetlands for their livelihoods, including farming, and grazing, however, the government’s plan to evict them from their lands without an alternative has left them worried and uncertain about their future.

They requested the legislator to find away on how he can address the matter to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to give the area and the entire Kigezi region, a special alternative because the nature of the region almost hills and wetlands, where hills are infertile and they only depend on wetlands.

In response, the Ndorwa East Member of Parliament m  Wilfred Niwagaba, said that as Members of Parliament in Kigezi region, they have already tasked the Minister of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and National Guidance Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, who heads legislators from Kigezi and also a member of Central Executive Committee to make an appointment of meeting President Museveni to address the matter to him because once people from Kigezi are evicted from wetlands without any alternative, people will die of hunger.

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