Kabareebe Flaunts Her Dangerous Curves, Causes Scrotal Eruptions

Go slow.....Dangerous Curves ahead

Doreen Kabareebe loves showing off her voluptuous bod– and that’s exactly what she did as she put her famous curves on full display

Go slow.....Dangerous Curves ahead
Go slow…..Dangerous Curves ahead

Doreen showed off her bodacious curves in a seriously tight, flower print Bikini.

The Sizzling Curves were optically viewed by the people she had at the poolside and her fans and followers of Facebook.

The flower Print Bikini allowed her to really show off a lot of skin — and since she was leaning over we also got a seductive shot of her ample assets!


The failed model and bed hopper looked amazing as she leaned against the seats at the pool side, displaying her flabby and shriveled boobs which were wrapped in a flower print bra that matched her bikini

Doreen is no stranger to stripping down and loves a great bikini shoot, so it comes as no surprise to see her rocking this get-up — especially since she’s on a private pool.


Some time back, Doreen went to a music concert without a southern bra and her sizzling gold mines were dangling all night.

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  1. Mary, believe or not they have done better than the Cellulite infested women they parade here calling them “Beauties” again it may all be in the eyes of the beholder, anyone with a brain would know how expensive ( health care wise ) those “beauties” can get if diabetes, heart attacks etc… strikes.

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