Kagame Flags Off $10M RPF HQs

Rwanda's President Paul Kagame

Paul Kagame
Paul Kagame

President Paul Kagame has commissioned construction works for the building of a multi-storied complex to serve as RPF headquarters.

The building will house both Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) headquarters and conference hall. It’s located in Nyagahinga Cell, Rusororo Sector in Gasabo District.

The ruling party’s building is estimated to cost $10 million (approximately Rwf 6.5 billion) which is equivalent to Shs25bn in Ugandan money and the construction works will take only two years starting with this month.

The construction works at the site have already kicked off. Addressing RPF supporters and the residents of Rusororo sector who had turned up to witness the event, Kagame said despite being RPF headquarters, the building will benefit all Rwandans.

“All Rwandans are welcome to use this facility which is going to be the state of the art model fully equipped with ICT and many other useful things,” he said.

The money is mostly from contributions by RPF members and sympathizers. The early week foundation stone laying event was part of activities in the run-up to the ruling Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) Silver Jubilee celebrations which climaxed on Thursday, December 20.

“RPF headquarters will be an expression of rebirth of Rwanda’s development and democracy,” Kagame said with a swagger. The President said that his RPF party would have built its head offices years earlier but there were other pressing needs which were more urgent.

“The doors will always be open to all people who want to use some of the facilities that will be provided here. The place will not be expensive despite being special. It will be affordable,” Kagame explained.

“I hope you will be part of the activities that will take place here,” the President told Gasabo residents. Kagame, who is also the Chairman of RPF, said that the ruling RPF party should demonstrate self-reliance starting with itself before it can think of inspiring other Rwandans top do the same.

“We should continue to work hard to build a self reliant nation because no one else will do it for us. RPF has been existence for 25 years but it’s like the party is over 70 years old due to what it has gone through. RPF is getting old but it does not mean the party is getting weak and senile.

This project proves that he more it gets old, the more it becomes new, strong and better,” he explained. “I am confident the RPF is going to be stronger in the next 25 years and the energy will come from our supporters who see immense value of this party”.

Kagame hailed the party diehards who have made RPF what it is today and reminded them to continue building the country because nobody will come from outside and build Rwanda.

“Even if somebody sympathizes with us and comes to build our country, I will say no thank you because that person will be looking for something big in return. That mercy comes with troubles,” he added.

He also said they are capable of building their country, nothing is lacking and they are confident they will accomplish even more in the future. He stated that the headquarters will be special due to RPF ownership and called upon the party supporters to ensure that the project is completed on time because it will be beneficial to all Rwandans.

The other officials at the event were the First Lady Jeannette Kagame, RPF Vice Chairman Christophe Bazivamo and the party’s Secretary General Francois Ngarambe with all the senior government officials among others.

The building will include a political school, 1500 seater conference hall, accommodation facilities and a restaurant. Project construction will be jointly undertaken by Real contractors and a foreign contractor that is yet to be determined.

Currently the ruling party has its head offices in Kimihurura Sector, Gasabo District.

Reported by Hope Muhairwe

In Kigali

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