Kamaga Supporters Accuse NRM of Frustrating his NUP Victory

Daniel Kamaga at party offices after he was Selected NUP Flag Bearer

Daniel Kamaga at party offices after he was Selected NUP Flag Bearer

LUUKA _ Former Luuka North National Unity Platform (NUP) flag bearer Daniel Kamaga’s supporters have accused the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) of manipulating the Party Election Management Committee to have a weaker opposition candidate.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, October 28, a section of supporters who preferred anonymity for fear of their security said their candidate’s Victory as NUP Flagbearer for Luuka North was short-lived after a group of NRM strategists reportedly influenced the Election Management Committee (EMC) at both regional and District levels to overturn Kamaga’s Victory in favor of a feeble Opposition contender.

Kamaga, 40, a professional teacher and renowned businessman emerged the NUP flag bearer during the first vetting conducted by the Kamwokya based NUP Election Management Committee before overturning his victory and handing it to another person.

‘’We are shocked that even those who are leading the struggle have been compromised and abandon the cause in the name of vetting candidates. There was no satisfying reason why Kamaga’s Victory was overturned .Although our candidate was not nominated, we shall remain fighting for Ugandans and he won’t abandon the struggle whether he is in Parliament or not’’, revealed a NUP mobilizer from Luuka North.

Kamaga supporters argue that prior to their candidate holding the NUP Party ticket for three weeks, there was favoritism and corruption in the vetting process. Mercy Walukamba, the chairperson of the party election management committee late last month admitted that there are hundreds of complaints received from Candidates.

However, the process to get justice from the party was late for since the national Electoral Commission has already started nominations. As such, Kamaga and other equally frustrated members of NUP who failed to get party tickets missed out on nomination.

When contacted, Kamaga who hail from Bukoma sub-county in Luuka District revealed that the country struggle to liberate Ugandans has been partly frustrated by the counterparts in opposition at the same time they are witnessing a wave of arrests of opposition activists in false and fictitious cases as government tries to stop dissenting voices ahead of 2021 Polls.

‘’For the last ten years Luuka has been unheard and this is why they frustrated me because I am pro-people. But Luuka has grappled with a poor health care system, Education, road network and high levels of poverty’’, said Kamaga.

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He vowed to continue with his constituency projects in Luuka despite missing out of the Nomination exercise due to delayed and interrupted justice by NUP Busoga regional officials.

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