Kampala Bests Nairobi Again In Top Cities Ranking

For a second year in a row, Kampala has beat Nairobi in a world wide survey of the best cities to live in.

Nairobi might be attracting all the tycoons in Africa who buy second homes in the Kenya, but in a survey about quality of life, Kampala still came out on top in East Africa.

New York-based consultancy Mercer, in its 2018 quality of living survey, puts Kampala in 172 and Nairobi in 186 in a survey of 231 cities world wide.

Kampala improved its ranking by one slot while Nairobi stagnated.

To rank the cities, the survey examined the levels of traffic congestion, quality of public transport, electricity supply and banking services.

Other indicators include crime levels, education, political stability, housing, food availability and entertainment.

Rwanda’s Kigali came in third behind Kampala and Nairobi at position 190, having improved two positions, while Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam stagnated at position 199.

CUTIES: Kampala scores highest on party lifestyle and good food
Nairobi however wins in another sector, attracting the rich to buy homes.
Kenya is among the top-five most popular second home locations for the wealthiest people in Africa. Kenya, famous for its African safari, is one of the most popular second-home destinations for rich Africans.

Kenya is the largest economy in East Africa but Nairobi continues to grapple with poor roads, traffic jams, unstable electricity supply and garbage collection, lousy food and a high cost of living.

Kampala scores highest on affordability of cost of living, party lifestyle and good food.

Port Louis of Mauritius emerged Africa’s best city to live with a global rank of 83.

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  1. despite our shortcomings , Kampala indeed remains the best city and our organic foods are ranked to none
    lets learn to love our country and be proud of it , in that way others will envy and get attracted to Kampala social life .

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