Kampala MP Nsereko Arrested

Muhammad Nsereko Kampala central MP

Muhammad Nsereko Kampala central MP
Muhammad Nsereko Kampala central MP

Kampala Central MP Mohammed Nsereko has been arrested following his remarks that he knows who killed the youthful Butaleja MP Cerinah Nebanda.

The arrest follows several hours of a Police siege at his home from the wee hours of Monday morning.

Police surrounded the homes of Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko & Lwemiyaga County MP Theodore Ssekikubo in a reported attempt to arrest them following remarks they made at the burial of Cerinah Nebanda.

Police have summoned MPs Sam Lyomoki, Chris Baryomunsi & Bernard Bitekyerezo to substantiate on their role during Nebanda’s postmortem exam & for defying Police summons.

Police says they were inciting malicious propaganda against the government.

“We want Nsereko & Ssekikubo to substantiate their reckless, irresponsible, misleading & insensitive statements regarding the death of Nebanda.”

Capt. Mike Mukula and Amelia Kyambadde who were earlier denied access to MP Nsereko’s home finally mediated the arrest.


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27 thoughts on “Kampala MP Nsereko Arrested

  1. If Uganda is a democratic state, let people fully express themselves without intimidation. Let the truth prevail, perhaps will set the state free. Remember there is no smoke without fire.

  2. A guilty conscience needs no accuser. Everything is in black and white why waste time to investigate?

    1. which truth are we looking for? people including her mother have to cover the shame that their Dota MP was found in a shark of drug lord who was her boyfriend. the mother had to find a scape goat for that embarrassment and shame. Rebel NRM mps and opposition mps and building capital on this and dont be surprised when the as they front her mother as the new mp for the area. for Nsereko , he has lost direction and discipline. most times he behaves like a hooligan and not an mp. his methods are kiyaye methods. i wonder how a nation can move forward with such mps. they behave like villagers fighting for cheap popularity. honestly just analyse where the late mp was and the type of boyfriend she had, and make a fair conclusion. simply put, she was a drug pusher and she could have overdone it period.

      1. But atleast it can move forward with robbers of donner money. Now among the two who is better to be close in society or who cares? The Robber or the Talkative?

      2. David where is your logic, don’t you think this whole thing is an act by the state to discredit this fallen MP. Well she is not here to defend herself so please don’t you make such reckless statements because you are acting more worse that the p’ple you are insulting.

        We know that the so called drug addict was fighting against the corrupt, health care for her p’ple in BUtaleja & here you are telling us that the thieves in Gov’t who have stolen pension money, northern Uganda donor funds, the bicycle money, the id money , junk helicopter cash are saints…please!!! where is the report on our three(3) crashed planes. Both money & p’ple were lost. GOD can you save us from the likes of David

  3. In western world if an investigation is on going, and a good Samaritan happened to comment about the issue publicly, police picks interest in the person and they invite the person to come and help them with investigation. but if the person refuse to go to police, then they get the person arrested. this is not intimidation it is the responsibility of the person who dared to speak publicly without thinking twice…
    so it is in order for the MPS to help police with investigation since they said they no who killed Cerinah. but just saying the Government killed without mentioning the name of the government official who killed the lady, tantamount to peddling romours and hear say…

  4. Am so much in love with those who talk the truth irrespective of their political base. For example if someone if an FDC and sees that the idea FDC is hanging on is not good for the voiceless then supports the Idea brought on board by the opposition, God will bless you and keep up the spirit, for your reward is not a short lived one but spirirtual and everlasting.

    Never mind about short term selfish benefits and set backs. Those are just stepping stones to high and bigger things. Accept them and wait for your spirirtual promotion

  5. Arrest all the people who know the truth and pretend you are doing the right thing. Even Amin must be ashamed of this government.

    1. why hide the names? you know the truth? say it!! dont just make sweeping statements without substantiating them.even in developed world police will take intrest in any volunteer of such informatiom. this is not intimidating. leaders must learn to be responsiblwe and stop behaving like village lumpens. lives could have been lost in Butaleja due to unfounded reckelss statements

  6. The problem is we forget so soon just remember “i’ll eat them like samosas and mpa enkoni lyric” therefore stop the noise and pray for yourself first and Uganda

  7. Please Mr Police arrest without mercy those who use their tongues to destroy the Country.
    The Bible says the tongue as small as it is can be as destructive as fire to the entire forest.
    In many verses in the bible, the tongue can be self destructive. Read Proverbs and Psalms.
    Learn how to use your tongue rightly (Praise God , bless people) or one day you will destroy yourself.

  8. Stop pretence, Captain Mulula and Lady Kyambadde, negotiating arrest by police? The two hons, what is your role in matters of crime and police work ?.
    Since MP Nsereko claims to know the killer of late Cerinah, let him give evidence. This young MP is very reckless with his words.

  9. Take it easy David did you tell yo mother to give birth to you? one day u will not believe you talk as if u don’t know the world museven is nothing as far as Uganda is concerned he is going too soon and Uganda is here forever calling mps as fools,idiots,crooks the whole President shame on Ugandans who still believe in expired person with expired ideas

  10. Since when did Uganda become democratic? A group of people who came to power at the back of blood bath and a putch can never lead a democratic government. They will forever be illegitimate how much they attempt to legitimise themselves…True democracies don’t have governments that came through coups…They are freely and fairly chosen by people…
    So the acts of the current government shows their origin way back in 1986 and backwards! Let’s be sincere about it…

  11. if all rumuor mongers are to be arrested,then kags should be on the list,he should explain how the body parts were stollen from the lab by the legislators that he mentioned,he should help the police on that.

  12. Fellow Ugandans, we should watch our words. Most of those arrested have said that they know the person who killed the late Celina. As honourables, let them do us a favour by revealing the person so that ugandans can come out of this impasse

  13. I petty for you guys. Firstly you should thank your gov’t for allowing you to talk as you like. It will be until you loose your current governmrent that you notice the good of it.

  14. The statement of Nabenda’s grandfather has made me cry. He stood in as her husband when people challenged her to show them her husband….

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