Kampala Salt Ltd Will Boost ‘Chemistry Industry Research’ -Makerere University

Makerere University Students of Chemical Engineering at Kampala Salt Plant in Buikwe

East Africa’s leading Makerere University has declared Uganda’s First Salt factory based in Buikwe, Kampala Salt Ltd, a center for attracting, supporting and developing research staff to increase the study careers of chemical engineering students.

Kampala salt ltd is a subsidiary of The Kampala industries And Infrastructure Development Limited (TKIID LTD), currently producing two brands; Kampala Salt and Rwenzori salt, with Nile and Uzuri in offing.

Kampala Salt Manager Alfonso Camilo (L) and Finance Manager Varsani(R) Speaks to Makerere University Lecturer Dr.Kasule.

According to Dr.Job Kasule a Chemical Engineer and lecturer at Makerere University department of Chemistry, for a long time students have been getting inadequate practical skills in the field of salt processing due to limited factories but impede is likely to get resolved with the establishment of Namagunga based Kampala salt factory.

‘’It is adding something to our country and I am happy because there are some unit operations that my students are learning from such a plant. There is so much that can be done through research using this company and am going to task my students to try and find extra purpose for wastes here. There are so many other things that we can do from the operations that they have’’, said Dr. Kasule.

Dr.Kasule had led over 70 chemical engineering students from Makerere for a study tour at the factory premise in Namagunga on Thursday where they were taken through various processes of salt production at the state of the art USD10M Project.

According to Dr.Kasule, Uganda is privileged to have a plant that will allow scientists not only in Uganda but the whole great lakes region to learn digitalization technologies and explore recent advances in automation of processing of salt.

Makerere University was last year named by ‘Times Higher Education’ Africa’s fifth-best university and the best in East Africa in World University rankings.

The rankings which included more than 1,500 universities across 93 countries and regions with the selection criteria of the survey based on four performance areas of teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook, confirms the University is on course to becoming a research-intensive university.

Makerere University Students of Chemical Engineering at Kampala Salt Plant in Buikwe

Besides workers who earn from the factory and the neighboring community , other beneficiaries include among others; the teachers and students of universities and institutes majoring in chemistry, chemical engineering, salt analytical chemistry and mining technology, Technicians in chemical, metallurgical and building materials industries.

Mr. Patel Ashokkumar, the company’s production manager said when efficiently supported by government especially with favorable laws, Kampala Salt will not only make Uganda achieve self-sufficiency in production of salt to meet its domestic requirement but also in a position of exporting surplus salt to foreign countries.

The Company’s General Manager Alfonso Camilo told reporters on Thursday 22nd April 2021 that the daily and monthly company production capacity is 16000 ton and 192000 tons respectively.

Makerere University Students of Chemical Engineering at Kampala Salt Plant in Buikwe


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