Kansiime On Why She Dumped Hubby: ‘I Was The One Paying Bills’

Comedienne Anne Kansiime is reportedly telling pals that her marriage with Gerald Ojok collapsed because she was literally footing all the bills at home.
Traditionally men are supposed to shoulder the burden of household upkeep like paying rent, settling utilities like water, power, fuel and other domestic expenses.
The comedienne recently intimated to pals in Ntinda that OJ was not contributing any financial support to their household.
Actually, on hearing such jazz, some of her fans posted on social media a picture of Kansiime with the caption: ‘Dear Men, If you’re broke and your girlfriend is paying for u rent then it is your role to scream during sex…. You can’t be useless night and day….’ The picture was believed to be a subtle message to OJ from Kansime’s friends who know about their predicament.

17 thoughts on “Kansiime On Why She Dumped Hubby: ‘I Was The One Paying Bills’”

  1. Kansiime, that is not newsworthy, many women meet expenses at home and are quiet, could be OJ was doing something different like building a house instead of renting, in any case, why NOT ask him what he was doing with his money and QUIETLY not thru newspapers, tuswala!

  2. Dear sister Anne, this taints you much as it does him. For marriage should have some weightier matters for which separation or divorce can be considered justified. In your case, bills do not add up to warrant such course of action. Hope you sober up and make amends because what you’re throwing away easily is much more than bills sister…

  3. Anne should stop these! What i know is that for the last 5yrs in their marriage ojok couldn’t have any DARK CHILD,the problem is with kansiime not oj!

  4. Let hope if oj get better than what he she will not force herself back; there is no condition which is permanent. Please oj don’t look back keep forward one day things will change.

  5. Bakiga women are like that.I told Ojok before he traveled to Kigezi not to waste his time with Bakiga women coz they are very strong headed and he will end up in tears.He ignored my advice and is now regretting. These people love money and power and care less about love.A mukiga for a mukiga would work but not this one.

    1. This is serious. I am a Mukiga and I am offended. I hate when people loose reason then go into tribalism. As if same tribe families dont divorce. You must be a single tribalist otherwise if you knew anything about marriage is that there is more than meets the eye. We all have a role to play to keep the marriage alive and well. Dont laugh at this couple, as they say, those with glass houses should not through stones.

  6. But they are in different worlds. Kansime will end up getting married to money.Any man she tries now will only use and dump her.watch this space.

  7. Romours has it that our sister Anne is “barren”. The Luo (Northern) culture is enshrined in the belief that marriage means bearing children, lets chill as the actual reasons for the break up will unveil.

  8. This is complete nosense. I thought h kansime was a serious artist, but am disappointed in her if actually she said this. Did she pay her own dowry… If I was Gerald then I would go back to this woman’s home and pick back my payments coz is not worth them. Can you imagine..

  9. One thing I can say is that if kansiime really said that then sm women r so stupid, she’s been with him for 5yrs, he deserves sm lito respect frm u gal, but ol this is because ov peer pressure, now u hv older friends with failed marriages giving y advice but gal uve done yoself a big mistake, ojok is a very charming handsm man, he’ll find true love so soon than u will my dia, #disappointed

  10. Human beings have animalistic tendencies, let’s look at lions; the lionesses do the hunting and actual kills only for males to come, chess them away and do the feeding! Those of you who have been to Gulu subregion, must have seen how much the women toil in the fields and markets and other income generating activities; where are the men when women are going through all this? May be it is division of labor, or OJ is being a “lion”! Let’s not be chauvinists, academics, tribal, feminists and whatever else, let’s hear from OJ.

  11. That is a shameful. I wonder someone loved you for 5yrs Ithink Kansime before you got married by O.J. alot of men where there in the field why do you select O.J. stop your nonsese here we r tired of you people just Kansime is making comedy I knw her

  12. Kansiime, you have no good reason of leaving OJ, but am sure OJ would be the one who has got true reason of leaving you if at all he would wish. In 5 years????? without a Child????? You are a suspected barren lady, if you are not sure better go back to your mother and inquire about your fertility. My brother OJ, please never comment on your separation on media, be an intelligent gentleman as you are, leave you X alone and move on. Even me I would have left her long time ago, I cannot waste my money, my fertility on a barren woman and am sure your parents are regretting. If you have already done your Holy Matrimony then it is a great disappointment brother. May God bless you and show you a true woman of your life. I know Kansiime will now be a damping ground for many many many men, and she will cry on the chests of million men on this world, sincerely she will always remember you wherever she will be.

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