Kanungu Locals Demonstrate Over Poor Roads

People who hail from the south western district of Kanungu have announced May 7th as the day of demonstration against Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)’s unwillingness to construct the 78.5 km Rukungiri-Kanungu road.


Other Kanungu roads under UNRA include Kihihi-Nyamirama -Rukungiri road, Kihihi-Kanyantorogo road, Bwindi-Mpungu road, and Kanungu-Hamurwa road.

Led by former Kinkizi West constituency NRM aspirant Mr Dickson Ampumuza Kagurusi, under the Kanungu Cyber Family, more than 200 Kampala dwellers who hail from the district will over the weekend drive all the way to their home for a peaceful demonstration in a show of solidarity.

“Kanungu people in Kampala will drive to home to demonstrate on 7th May over the poor roads. We have been patient for long but the authorities have taken this for granted,” Mr Ampumuza says.

UNRA ED Allen Kagina at the end of last year toured the roads including Butogota –Ruhija-Kabale Road that goes through Bwindi Impenetrable Park is one of those roads in a very poor shape and her vehicles struggled to go through the muddy section.

She promised to have all the roads properly maintained, blaming the mess on the contractor.

It is believed that her promises to fast track the road works were a smokescreen to keep the Kanungu voting block ahead of the February general elections for the ruling party NRM with which she succeeded.

Kanungu is particularly significant because son-of-the-soil Mbabazi had a presidential bid of his own in 2016, although he failed miserably.

Tarmacking of the Rukungiri-Kihihi-Ishasha-Kambuga road was first promised 28 years ago, when Kanungu was still part of Rukungiri district.

However, the project picked urgency after Kanungu leaders turned the heat on Museveni, threatening to derail his re-election bid.

Mr Ampumuza blamed UNRA for the failure to work on the road that generates a lot of revenue through tourism for the government.

He continues to say that many roads in the district under UNRA are impassable which “has made transport of goods and services in the district to market centers very difficult.

Mr Ampumuza says that his people are also tired of carrying tea leaves on their head to the factory yet this road generates a lot of revenue for the government.

When contacted, Ms Kagina noted that they have kicked off the compensation exercise on both Rukungiri and Kanungu fronts and are working hard to ensure that the said roads are worked on in the shortest possible period.

It should however be noted that UNRA’s contractor for Rukungiri-Kanungu road is still mysterious even after getting a loan from African Development Bank in December 2013.

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