Kasese Court: Besigye Aides Acquitted

Besigye Aides: (L-R) Mwijukye, Mugumya and Kisekwa

Kasese Court: Besigye Aides Acquitted

The magistrate Court in Kasese has acquitted the three aides of former Forum for Democratic Change president Dr. Kizza Besigye ending a two year simple robbery trial.

The Trio, Francis Mwijukye, Sam Mugumya and Robert Kisekwa were accused of assault and theft of a two mobile phones and Ugx 110,000 from Ismail Muyingo, a hawker in Maliba trading center.

It’s alleged that they committed the crime during campaigns for the Kasese woman parliamentary by-election in August 2012.

In his ruling this morning, presiding magistrate George Mfitundinda stated that the evidence adduced by prosecution witnesses was contradictory because they failed to place the accused persons at the scene of crime.

According to the magistrate, the complainant himself failed to identify the accused persons and confessed not having known who exactly stole his phones and the wallet containing his money.

However the defense succeeded in identifying the alleged hawker Ismail Muyingo as a policeman after lawyer Geoffrey Sibendire produced his photographs while on police duty.

During his defense, Mwijukye, a youth activist in FDC told court that on August 4, the day of the alleged crime, he was in Nyakazinga parish, Kilembe training polling agents.

His co-accused Sam Mugumya and Robert Kisekwa said they were in Mpondwe-Lubiriha town council and Winfred Kiiza’s home in Kiburara village respectively.

Speaking shortly after the ruling, defense lawyer Geoffrey Sibendire stated that the case was a concoction by the state agencies to tarnish the names of his clients.

Mwijukye on the other hand revealed plans to counter sue the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura for mishandling the Uganda police force and ordering his officers to forge criminal cases against innocent civilians.

They also ponder to file another case against Ismail Muyingo a police officer who allowed to be used by the state to claim that he was a hawker whose phones and money were stolen by the trio.

Kasese woman MP Winfred Kiiza asked government to stop wasting court time saying that the judicial officer’s spend a lot of time dealing with fabricated criminal cases instead of handling the backlog of civil cases at their disposal.

However, another Besigye aide/stronghold, Nasser Kalungi (pictured) who was also connected to the case remains uncleared of the case since he did not appear before court to give his defence on the charges.

Kalungi disappeared from the country following the arrest of his colleagues and after some people intimated to him that he was also on the police wanted list in connection to the alleged robbery case.

Police up to now have not yet come out with a report on the whereabouts of Kalungi, but the police spokesperson Fred Enanga says the hunt is still ongoing and Kalungi has to be arrested and face the law like his colleagues.

Kalungi was very much known for his opposition activism with his boss, Dr. Kizza Besigye and his determination to overthrow Museveni’s government by whichever means.

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