Katanga murder: fresh details emerge

The murder of Kampala tycoon Henry Katanga left tongues wagging as most people, including his family and friends, pointed fingers at the deceased’s wife, Molly Katanga.

Redpepper Online has, however, since learnt that the finger prints of one of the couple’s daughters were found on the murder weapon. What is even more shocking is the fact that the alleged daughter, whose identity has since been revealed as Tricia Katanga, is actually not the deceased’s biological daughter.

Katanga was found dead in his bedroom at his residence in Mbuya, with a bullet wound to his head.

His wife, Molly Katanga, who was with him in the bedroom when a gunshot was heard by family members, also suffered severe injuries to the head and is currently undergoing treatment in the Intensive Care Unit.

It should be noted that Tricia Katanga earlier told police detectives at the scene that her father had developed a misunderstanding with her mother, Molly.

She said that shortly afterward, she heard a gunshot in the bedroom, and upon rushing there, she found her father leaning on the bed with blood coming out of his head and her mother lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious.

This new development comes against the backdrop of the burial of the deceased, despite repeated protests from his family (mother and siblings) and friends.

One of Henry Katanga’s close associates this website talked to furiously called out Molly Katanga’s family for entrenching criminality because of personal gain (greed, impunity, and ignorance).

“It is disheartening to witness the entrenchment of criminality due to greed, impunity, and ignorance,” he said, adding that “the situation even becomes more tragic when we see the disrespectful treatment of the deceased and the denial of rights of mourning and burial to the grieving mother, siblings, nephews, and nieces. Such injustices perpetuate a cycle of pain and suffering.”

Another friend noted, “The murder of Henry Katanga is an eye-opener for all of us. It is essential for society to strive towards justice and fairness for all, ensuring the criminals face the consequences of their actions and that victims receive empathy and support.”

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