Katatumba Shoots Supernatural Girl Video


Singer Angella Katatumba has shot her latest video of her Supernatural song, which talks about her failed 8-year marriage. She used JAHLIVE band for the video and for the song Legend P of Fenon Records did it.

The song is about overcoming hardships in her life. In particular, my failed 8 year marriage to an African American gentleman called Alonzo Ward who had served with the US Air force.  We dated for 6 months, fell in love and he proposed to me. I said YES.  The two got married in Oxford, England then we moved to Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Unfortunately, things fell apart and they divorced. Angella went so low to the point that she never wanted to wake up, to the point that
she started praying that the Lord could finish her off with a bus by hitting her but without her feeling it. “I just didn’t want to live.
The heartache I went through was just too painful. We were married for 8 years.

We were together for 3 years and separated for 5 years. I overcame this hardship by getting on my knees and praying to the Lord who got me through this terrible time of my life”, Angella said. The video will be officially out in a month time.

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