Katsha Yearns For Zuena’s Behind

Katsha admiring Zuena's behind

South African based business man Shaffiq Katumba well known as Katsha YMCMB was pictured yearning for Zuena’s booty.

Katsha admiring Zuena's behind
Katsha admiring Zuena’s behind

In a picture that leaked recently, Katsha is seen admiring and staring at Zuena’s well rounded booty.

Katsha met Zuena in South Africa over the weekend.

Zuena had travelled with her hubby Bebe Cool who performed at the Big Brother Hotshots eviction party.

Prior to the Eviction party, Zuena, Katsha, Bebe Cool and Stella Nankya were on Saturday spotted partying hard at Club Luli Luli in South Africa.

Bebe Cool also shot a video in South Africa and it is expected to be one of the best videos on both local and international platforms.

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  1. Do you think these bootys are natural.These are combination of chemicals and surgery that exaggerate her bums.
    Most ofour Uganda leaders use medicience to sharp themselve and this,I evident by one of ma friend who has nonthing like boots but from no where it expand and when I asked what was happening to her bums she replied to me that she was sorry.

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