Katuntu Reconciles FDC and NRM Supporters through Football

Abdu Katuntu

Katuntu Reconciles FDC and NRM Supporters through Football

The outspoken Bugweri County MP Abdu Katuntu is making efforts to reconcile supporters of the National Resistance Movement party and those of Forum for Democratic Change.

Katuntu believes one of the ways in which this reconciliation can be achieved is through sports such as the football matches between supporters of the two parties in his constituency.

“As you can see here, NRM and FDC teams are playing, it is peaceful, people are happy, and the winners will shake hands with losers,” Katuntu said during the match on Monday.

Katuntu, a member of the Forum for Democratic Change says he wants to pass a political message to fellow leaders to stop using politics to divide people.

“I plead to my colleagues, leaders in the country not to divide our people,” he said.

The game that was held at Idudi primary school ground was attended by district officials from FDC and NRM and many spectators.

NRM supporters beat FDC 1-0.

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