Kayihura Spends First Night In A Detention Cell

Investigators are going to continue questioning former Inspector General Of Police Kale Kayihura a day after he got a feel of what its like to be an inmate after spending his first night inside a detention cell at Makindye.

The disgraced General who was airlifted from his farm in rural Kashagama in Lyantonde to Kampala aboard a military chopper spend the night in the same facility a his police henchmen, Herbert Muhangi former Flying Squad, Richard Ndaboine former head cyber unit and Ndahura Atwoki former Crime Intelligence chief.

The four according to reports are to be questioned in relation to numerous crimes they committed while Kayihura was police chief.

At Makindye Kayihura will be sleeping in the proximity with Nixon Agasirwe, Abdallah Kitatta, Joel Aguma, Abdulnoor Ssemujju aka Minaana and other suspected criminals who at one time held powerful positions in the police force under Kayihura.

Kayihura’s home in Makidye has been taken over by the army and was searched last night.

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10 thoughts on “Kayihura Spends First Night In A Detention Cell

  1. People need to start reading the Bible or the Koran for guidance because in these Holy books there is wisdom.. On earth you can have the power, education, wealth etc but these are nothing when you do not have the wisdom. Wisdom shapes individual moral campus and helps build society with positive values that help to develop a nation and society with love and passion… with wisdom thinking and decisions are driven by the brain and not the heart.. that means a person is able to look at the good and bad of a decision he/she intends to do.. Our president has always referred us to the Bible and if we can take all that direction Uganda will be very far.. in any place of leadership and responsibility it should be country first and not personal desires… Let justice prevail because we are all bound by the laws of our country Uganda… no one is above the law..

  2. Leaders must live within the ethics and cord of operations as it’s constituted in law and constitution.

    It’s the people entrusted by government who abuse their and others’ rights at the expence of regimes.

    Law, constitution, cord of conduct, standing order, appointment regulations, all are clear why should one step out of all these?

  3. So sad that Justice Katutsi is now Emeritus. He longed and prayed for a time as this

  4. Call Kagame to cell out Mutabazi J then some cases are to solved by orders of laws.
    This is blood of King Kigeli v. Cant for give you.

  5. I think this is a lesson to all people who are in big offices that when you are in office you are to serve the people of Uganda. Those arrested with Gen. Kayihura should repent withe their former boss.
    Afande Kayihura you miss used your office. You cannot compromise Natioanl security with hooligans like Kitata.

  6. This is indeed an extra-ordinary eye opener and fundamental lesson to all leaders at all levels, right from the villages. As you are entrusted with the responsibility to lead, you ought to put your brains in proper use. ‘Do not let your legs run faster than your brains’, you are bound and doomed to crash. Your unquenchable thirst to bask in artificial power and accumulate wealth as you comfortably sit at your game will never bribe God.
    In such exceptionally rare circumstances, we should all know that, even on planet Mars, our sins catch up with us.
    Blessings and Peace!

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