KCCA Sets Conditions For City Festival Stall Holders

The Festival is slated for the 2nd of October, 2016

KCCA Sets Conditions For City Festival Stall Holders

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has set rules for businessmen and women interested in setting up stalls during the Kampala City Festival due in October.

According to the authority, the purpose is to set appropriate standard and rules for the stall holders.  The Festival is slated for the 2nd of October, 2016 starting at 7.00am until mid-night.

KCCA ED Jennifer Musisi at last year's festival
KCCA ED Jennifer Musisi at last year’s festival


“The Kampala City Festival stall holders shall comprise of vendors of food stuffs, Art & Crafts and exhibitors among other merchandise,” a statement from KCCA issued Monday reads.

Below are some of the GENERAL TERMS
1. Stallholder permits/stickers/tags will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
2. Kampala City Festival Committee shall not be held liable for any losses or damage occasioned to the property/assets of the stall holders.
3. Kampala City Festival reserves the right to request for the removal of any display or material deemed hazardous or potentially harmful to the public.
4. No vendor shall be allowed to access the City Festival selling points in absence of a stall holder’s permit/sticker/tag and the relevant requisite fees paid are not refundable.
5. This year’s celebration focuses on National colors (Black-Yellow-Red) and Culture. As such we advise participants to don our national colors. You are also encouraged to use gas, solar, briquettes, and electricity. All cooking appliances MUST be in excellent working condition with particular attention to gas bottles (current date), flame guards etc. In addition to the above, NO USE OF POLYTHENE MATERIALS (Buveera) will be permitted.
6. All stalls are required to maintain good “housekeeping” practices. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure your stall area is safe at all times and no part of your stall poses a hazard to any persons. All equipment, power leads, stock, guy ropes, packaging, furniture or any other item used at or in conjunction with the
running of your stall must be deemed to be safe and secure at all times.
7. Smoking is prohibited.
8. Stall holders will not be permitted to park their vehicles at their respective vending points during the city festival i.e. between 7.00 a.m. and midnight.
9. Stall holders must provide a Rubbish bin to ensure a clean and clear site during the festival. Food vendors must ensure that the food selling points are kept clear throughout the event.
10. Each stallholder will be given a sticker/tag that will entitle him/her to their zone of operation.
11. The stall and equipment must be kept free of grease, food scraps, dirt, and dust by regular cleaning. Therefore, adequate supplies of detergent, mops, clean clothes among others must be available at the stall for cleaning purposes.
12. Authorized officers have the power to enter and inspect premises and all vendors are mandated to comply with the directives of the officers. The Kampala City Festival Committee reserves the right to close any selling point for breach of terms of the guidelines.
13. All stallholders, especially food vendors, must set up their stalls not later than 6.00 a.m. on the festival date to ensure inspection and accreditation of the same.
14. Please note that the City Festival Committee reserves the right to modify the terms of these Guidelines.
15. Stakeholders (Vendors) meeting to be held on Thursday 29th September 2016 at City Hall at 0900 hours.

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