Eddy Kenzo

Singer Eddy Kenzo was yet again caught in the middle of fracas at Freedom city on Sunday when he went on loggerheads with the day’s DJ.

Eddy Kenzo
Eddy Kenzo

According to eyewitnesses, Kenzo was scheduled to perform only a few songs for the crowd, but out of nowhere, he attempted to extend his time on the stage.

Upon telling the DJ to play more of his songs, he declined on grounds that he had strict directives from the organizers not to allow more than what was scheduled.

Irked by the response, Eddy Kenzo reportedly took on the DJ and thumped him to pulp before the situation being cooled down by security officials.

His actions got massive criticism from the public who are worried about his corporate relations in the future.

“Kenzo, you are now a world class artiste, please behave like one. You might lose corporate sponsorship, and that will cost you big time,” revealed a concerned fan.

This becomes the second time Kenzo is involved in a fight.

Last Year, Kenzo thumped Dembe FM loud mouthed journalist Isaac Katende famously known as Kasuku.

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