Kenzo’s boy Oma Afrikana takes music industry by storm with debut hit “Nyonyi Nyange”.

I got my question answered when a couple of weeks ago, I was involved in an industry grapevine chat, where I asked the question: who is handling this new Oma Afrikana lad?

The answer was: He is signed under Black Magic Entertainment. Good enough– that certainly explains a lot. It explains why the boy is among the most talented collection of musicians that future more frequently on the music charts.

The boy is freakishly good – and he features a wonderfully diverse array of musical abilities. The chap sounds so good and when he starts singing, you dont want him to stop.

Nyonyi Nyange is his latest and debut single he released recently. It does have one strength – it highlights his singing ability almost from the offset.

Without any doubt, it’s one song that will scorch its way up the charts. Nyonyi Nyange”, an Afrobeat fusion jam, is an important and earnest moment in his groundbreaking career.It is a decent track. It is finally a song that hints at the ability that is bubbling underneath.

Locally, the beautiful, Egret – a type of Heron bird – is called “Nyonyi Nyange.”

Well, the boy is a talented singer-songwriter and record producer. Recently, he earned bragging rights when he was praised by the public for his profound lyrics, quirk-pop persona and over-the-top musical style.

Oma Afrikana wrote the song himself. It was produced by A-Steyn. In the song, sings about his love for his lover. It is simply a love song and will surely make it to the hearts of those that believe in love.

About Oma Afrikana

Now living in Kampala, Oma Afrikana, real name Kafeero Wumalu, hails from Bugembe, Jinja and attended high school in Bugiri.
Now in his Senior Six vacation, Oma Afrikana has decided to kick-start his professional music career this year aged 19.

He is cited to become one of the trailblazing global pop innovators in modern music, turning the genre into a colorful funhouse of fizzy experimentation.
According to his camp, the anticipated “Afro-Pop genius” has many major collaborations coming through for his fans.
His dream is to become Uganda’s finest singer ever.

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