Kibaale District Imposes Quarantine after Bovine Pneumonia Outbreak

Kibaale district has imposed quarantine on the movement of cattle following an outbreak of Bovine Pneumonia, a deadly bacterial respiratory disease in cattle.
The disease outbreak has been confirmed in the sub counties of Ndaiga, Mpeefu and Kyaterekera. Moses Amanya, the Kibaale district veterinary officer, says the disease has for the last two months claimed several animals, unconfirmed until a recent clinical test.

Bovine Pneumonia is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by Bacteria Pasteurella Multicida and Haemophilus Somnus in both adults and calves.

An infected animal presents with signs of depression, coughing and lowered appetite, breathing difficulties, nasal discharge, and general body weakness. A sick animal dies in a very short period as the disease affects the lungs, leading to blockage of the respiratory system.

Amanya explains that the quarantine also bars movement of cattle products like meat, butter, skins among others.

The source of this cattle disease is still unclear, although Amanya partly blames it on the free movement of cattle and their products within districts especially those neighbouring DRC.

The district has now scaled up cattle vaccination as an urgent remedy. Cattle keepers are encouraged to maintain a high level of farm hygiene.

Alban Mugisha, a cattle keeper in Kijuru village Mpeefu Sub County, has lost four cows to the disease outbreak. Mugisha accuses the district of slow response. He says the outbreak was reported in its early days but no action was taken to confirm it and advise cattle owners accordingly.

Julius Sewante the Kibaale district secretary for production warns residents against defying the animal quarantine. He says a team is already working to ensure strict adherence.

This comes at a time when the district is strangling to contain African swine fever in Bwanswa Sub County. More than 40 pigs have died in the sub county because of the disease.

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